Seven Days of Positive – Day 82

In Home, Office, Organising on December 9, 2014 at 11:50 pm


Today was a proper Tuesday. Not much happened apart from work and slightly too much checking to see if I had any interesting emails/Tweet replies/Instagram comments and whether anyone had put a short film of, say, a baby hedgehog giving a massage to a baby three-toed sloth on Facebook.

They hadn’t, but I kept checking.

My daughter goes to gym training for two hours on a Tuesday night, so it’s usually a quiet one in on my own.
My husband waits for her, watching football on the telly in the café/lobby thing up there.

He’s very much the gym dad and I am so, so grateful to him for taking that on. I find that wait excruciating.

I take a book, or a magazine, but I can’t concentrate on anything because the lighting’s no good, other parents are chatting and the TV is on. So I sit there silently fuming about all the things I could be Getting Done.

Like my dreaded pile of filing which, as a result of this night in, I have just about finished going through.

The first stage was an even worse arrangement of small piles – insurance, bank statements, council tax, tax stuff etc etc – covering the entire study floor, which the cat loved to walk across and mix up.

Most of it is now filed, chucked, or on a new action pile, of things which must be done tomorrow. Really tomorrow, because many of them should have been done in September.

It’s such a relief, because that Hell Pile has been growing in a spot just in the sightline of my left eye, for months now, sending me negative vibes of guilt.

Now there is a nice basket with a neat row of folders for things which are still in progress, most of the rest filed in ring binders. Just the bank statements to do. Not quite as neat as the room at the top, but I can aspire.

I feel a little bit like one of those hoarders after the obsessive compulsive cleaners have been through.

Next, it’s the airing cupboard.

  1. Ha ha. My dream study looks very Kikki K, but the reality is a cross between a recycling bin and a papier mache model of a glacier. I am sure you get the picture.

    I well remember those interminable waits whilst Chloe was in her various dance classes. There was a brilliant book shop near her last dance school, though, so I’d just indulge. Or eat chocolate. XX

  2. Maggie – have you heard about the book called The life changeing Magic of tidying? It’s by a japanese lady called Marie Kondo and if you google the title and New York times, there is a fun article by a journo who tested her method. It piqued my interest. Anyhow, I read the book, and am about 60% through the process and it has been nothing but revolutionary. I’ve done tidying/de cluttering before, but this has been the biggest change in our home in a long time, and it’s reduced my stress/anxiety levels hugely, which I wasn’t even really aware I had until it disappeared. The book and her method is quite cute and bonkers but essentially it’s less about the items you want to chuck, and more about the items to keep. Does it bring you joy? Keep. Does it not bring you joy? Thank it and discard. (The thanking the item is a big thing as it helps you not have those horrible guilts about the price you paid for it, or it being an unwanted gift etc…)

    • That sounds right up my street! My problem is just too much of everything. I’ve been collecting vintage linen since I was a teenager (when it was called second hand ha ha ha) and I just love it – although I hardly use any of it. I don’t really need it, but it’s so NICE. I’ve got all these hand embroidered sheets I bought in Scotland when I was a student. I like the idea of ‘thanking’ stuff. I’m going to have a look, thank YOU x

  3. Maggie – Have you thought of applying the principles that informed your great food pantry clear out? I am not sure why you need all those ring binders? I keep almost everything in electronic files now and have all bills, receipts, etc sent electronically. Of course, you still have to file them, but think of all that saved shelf space.

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