Seven Days of Positive – Day 127

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Sam Smith

Don’t say you don’t hear it here first… My lovely nutritional coach Amelia Freer is suddenly world famous, now that’s it’s been revealed that she’s behind the recent weight loss of singer Sam Smith.

He used to look like this.

SS before

She’s also helped slim down British comedian James Corden, who has just taken over as host of the very prestigious US TV staple The Late Late Show.


cordon 2

Amelia’s book Eat. Nourish. Glow. is now number one on UK Amazon, and number one in the diet section of the US site. Harper Collins hadn’t even been going to publish it over there, but suddenly it’s very hot property.

She’s got over 40,000 followers on Instagram…

I feel so incredibly lucky that Amelia took me on as a client before her success went global. It’s so deserved because her techniques work, they just do.


Read all about it here, in this piece by my friend Imogen Edwards-Jones, who very kindly let me in on her diet secret last year (she’s the gorgeous blonde on the left).

I’ve been eating the Amelia Freer way for five months now and it’s become a way of life. Apart from the weekly treat meals, which are mandatory, I’ve only strayed a few times – and when I do (like yesterday) I give myself permission to do so.

Then you don’t feel you’re a hopeless failure, you’ve wrecked the whole thing and you might as well give up because you’re a fat bastard and you don’t deserve any better.

I needed a day off, so I had it.

Maybe I won’t lose any weight this week, as a result, but neither will I give up trying because I can’t bear another moment without eating a chocolate digestive. I had six yesterday. Got over that one.

Unrealistic levels of privation are what makes most diets fail.

I’m so confident I have the tools to keep the weight coming off – including my new enjoyment of exercise – I don’t have that sense of panic any more. With only a couple of kilos left to lose, I know it will happen and if it takes a few more weeks, that’s fine.

Especially as looking at the friends who inspired me to seek Amelia’s help (Imo has looked that good for two years now) – I know I will also learn how to keep it off.


Seven Days of Positve – Day 126

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So here I am in my new life as a person who ‘does exercise’. Not only does it, but looks forward to it and plans things around it. It’s a miracle.

Finding the right teacher, the previously mentioned Sue, was the clincher (and her classses are at the right time, which is about 98% of it, don’t you think?) and sealing my new lifestyle was an amazing trip I did last weekend for a travel feature.

I can’t tell you anything about it until the magazine has come out, except to say it took place in Provence (JOY) and I walked up and down a couple of small mountains, among other sporty activities.

The best thing was that it came with a kit list – so I had to go shopping. For sports gear.


After an initial sense of outrage – spend money on that? – followed by a sense of dread more usually associated with swimwear shopping, I forced myself into a local discount sportswear retailer.

Wow. There’s a whole other world out there. I had no idea. Now I understand why the lovely Sue has been looking at me quizzically. I was doing her classes in my yoga pants and an old T shirt. That was my idea of sports clothes.

Now I see it was like turning up for aqua aerobics in a pair of pyjamas.


I found the rail after rail of flimsy slippery things emblazoned with logos overwhelming and ended up in a changing room with about 30 garments, many even of them even harder to get off than they were to get on.

Eventually I narrowed it down to one pair of grey white and black graphic floral print ankle-length stretchy pants, with one of those cool zip pockets in the back waist band for your keys, and one black t shirt top thingo.

It wasn’t enough, so I headed over to TK Maxx where there were rails of the stuff. Here I found two pairs of natty trews in lightweight lycra to a Capri length (is there a real name for these?), one black, the other black and grey with pink detailing, and a really nice mid-grey marl effect T shirt thingo (sports top?).

gym 2

The clincher was a super groovy fitted outer shell jacket by Avalanche in fluoro pink, one of my favourite colours – which also features on my workout Nikes. So with black, grey and le shocking working back together, I had my capsule workout wardrobe sorted. And I was thrilled when I remembered I have an old J Crew light cotton fitted hoodie in a very similar pink which would make a great layering piece.


What? Was I not supposed to care what these clothes look like? I may have had a small personality transplant with regard to doing exercise, but there are limits.

If I have to jump about like a middle-aged flea, at least I can just do it in a subtly co-ordinated outfit.


Seven Days of Positive – Day 125

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I’ve just done the easiest pack I’ve ever done. Not a moment of anguish.

Out of the closet it came – navy blue, navy blue, navy blue, bright pink and white stripes, navy blue, pink, navy blue, navy blue, pink – and into the bag it went.

There was one small anxiety when I couldn’t remember where I had put my Sperry Oxfords (pink), then I remembered. Another short angst about which bag to take for use in the resort – you know that carrying your room key, lippie and phone thing – until I remembered the brilliant 1970s one my mum gave me.


The strap is a gold chain link arrangement, so it works shoulder or can be converted into a clutch.

It’s navy blue.

Sort out the toilietries and make up. Two feature necklaces. A scarf wrap. In the bag.


Travelling clothes laid out on bed. Travel handbag packed. Passport? Check. Done.

So what made the process I normally find torturous so easy, in fact enjoyable?

Losing ten kilos. True fact.

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