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In Underwear on February 18, 2011 at 12:31 pm

More and more women I know are wearing sports bras as their everyday choice and I find I am increasingly tempted to leave mine on under normal clothes after a morning yoga class.


Just yesterday I bought a new one which I justified as necessary to keep things nice during my newly discovered hobby of Zumba dance exercise, which involves quite a bit of jumping up and down and a great deal of shimmying.

As Shakira says, the hips don’t lie – and neither do the boozies. And as there are floor length mirrors in the hall where I do Zumba, I really don’t want to see that happening.

Actually, I fully intend to wear my new sports bra in real life. In fact, I’m wearing it now.

My new Shock Absorber Level 4

I find this an interesting development as it’s only recently that really pretty bras with matching knick knicks have become available in joke cup sizes, like the one I have to wear.

I can remember going for a bra fitting just a few years ago in the – vastly overrated in my opinion – London lingerie shop Rigby & Peller. The surly sales girl presented me with a flesh-coloured object which resembled a surgical appliance and made me look like Matron from Carry On Doctor, as my only option. I shed tears in the changing cubicle and fled in my too small bra.

I own this lovely Freya set, but this isn't me wearing it.

Fast forward to now and in Selfridges’ marvellous lingerie department the glamorous big cup brands Freya, Fantasie and Panache are invading ever increasing square footage. Which is, of course, related to that that statistic so loved of the tabloid press – the nation’s ever increasing average bra size.

The ‘official’ average bra size in the UK and Australia and is now a 34D/12D (same thing), although British company Bravissimo, which specialises in bras DD and up, says it’s really much more like an E.

So why, when I’m finally able to buy lovely matching sets, am I embracing with such enthusiasm the sports bra genre, which so embodies the German word ‘bustenhalter’? Because they’re so much more comfortable than regular bras.

I know I’m not the only woman who gets bruised ribs from underwires. Not to mention the horrible camel humps on each shoulder, from years of elastic straps cutting into the living flesh.

Sports bras have such wide straps they’re more like singlets, and without several kilos of mass dragging down on one centimetre-wide strip of fabric, the load can be spread.

And although it is a bit monobosom, I like the neat shape they give me under T shirts. Most bras which are marketed for this use – ie, not lacy, or with a great seam across the nipple – are padded.

Why anyone above a B cup would want padding I am at a loss to understand, yet these moulded monstrosities so-called ‘t shirt bras’ are available up G cups. What’s that about?

The other problem (on top of underwires, scratchy lace and show through) with the new genre of gorgeous lacy bras in big cup sizes is that they do make your boobs into pointy nose cones, or balconies big enough for the Royal family to wave from, depending which style you get. I’m only up to parading around in that state on very specific occasions. See earlier posting with pictures of Christina Hendricks in Madmen mode for clarification.

Nose cones.


For all these reasons, the sports bra just seems like more of an option for everyday wear. So my suggestion to the bra manufacturers is to find a way to combine the ergonomic design of these most comfortable bosom wranglers with some more attractive styling details.

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