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People have been asking for an update on the Fast Diet, so here we go.

I’m still on it, although I did have another break (after the infuriating illness and antibiotic induced one) when I went to New York for two weeks. I’m not that strong…

And then there was another week when I had lots of people to stay in succession and there just wasn’t a day when I could eat – and drink – nothing. Or so I told myself, ahem.

But I’ve made a decision to stopping and starting like that, because it’s making the weight loss too slow.

In this, as in any diet, the facts are simple: if you stop, you put the weight back on. So I’m determined not to have one more break until I’m down to my goal – and then I’m going to commit to fasting one day a week for life, to keep it off.

In the meantime I’m sticking to the regime I described in my earlier post Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! where I eat nothing at all until dinner time and only 300 calories a day in total– which allows me not to count every drop of milk I have in tea or the odd half apple (40 calories) if I’m desperate. Link to that post here

I found that when I budgeted 500 calories exactly I often ended up eating slightly more by accident and it’s really not worth the torture of eating nothing all day only to blow your weight loss on a cream cracker. Aiming for 300 just gives you that little bit of wriggle room.

I still find that I’m weirdly not hungry when I wake up the morning after fast day. I’ll even feel slightly disgusted at the thought of food – having planned a massive fry up as I went to sleep the night before. But if I then skip breakfast, I’m cave man ravenous by 11am and could eat a whole packet of bagels with cream cheese, so I have a light breakfast at the normal time.

I do worry that I’m eating more than before starting the diet on my non-fast days as there is rather a sense of having to cram it in while I can. I certainly found I was eating more chocolate bars than I used to in a ‘because I can…’ spirit, so I’ve cut those out.

But while I do tend to reach for the crackers – crunch is what I miss on fast days – I’m not sure feeling very full after normal dinners is because I’m eating more. I think it might be that my stomach is shrinking and I feel much fuller on the same amount of food.

I know people who are doing no carb on the other five days, as well as the fasting and losing a lot more weight, but I think that’s making it too hard. I know I wouldn’t be able to sustain it. I’d rather lose weight slowly and lose all the weight I want to lose, than give up after five pounds.

So I’m sticking to the diet as outlined in Dr Mosley and Mimi Spencer’s book. Find link here

Other things which are still helping me are:

Black coffee at the 11am snack twinge moment

Lots of water

Diet Coke

Diet ginger beer (in a nice glass, with ice, it’s my fast day ‘cocktail’…)

As many packs of sugar free gum as I need to get through the late afternoon (just finished my second pack of the day). I mix it up between mint and fruity flavours. I’m krazee, me!

Don’t even think about ‘spending’ 60 calories on 50ml (a pub single) of gin with a Slimline Tonic. It made me ravenous and it was torture not eating anything after it.

Don’t go near a supermarket on a fast day. It’s torture and you will buy everything in the shop and then have to drive home with it taunting you from the boot of the car.

Don’t fast on a Friday. The Thank God It’s Friday effect is just too great to resist – and that’s how I ended up having that foolish gin and tonic last week.

Take aerobic exercise, if you can bear it, and you will lose more quickly. With no concerted exercise I lose one pound (half a kilo) a week. With exercise it’s usually double that.

I still sincerely believe that this diet is the Answer – the one we’ve all been searching for and I’m committed to it.

But I’m not going to blog about it again until I reach my goal – which is getting back in a particular pair of trousers I haven’t been able to wear for two and a half years..

At my current weight loss rate that should happen some where around the middle of August… which puts me on the spot.

How are you doing on it? Got any tips for me?


Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!

In Fasting on March 19, 2013 at 8:47 pm


A quick up date on fasting – and the title above is just a shameless excuse to reference the glorious title of my favourite all time Russ Meyer ‘exploitation’ camp fest movie, which I alway say to encourage myself at the start of each fasting day…

Today was my first fast for two flipping weeks. Not because I lost my commitment, but because I had a run of ill health which meant I had to take enormous numbers of antibiotics and pain killers.

Do not ever try to take four antibiotic tabs and two paracetamol after eating just a banana. Major upchuck situation. So I had no choice but to start each day while I was on the meds with a hearty cushion of porridge, with similar ballast at dinner time.


It was very frustrating as up to that point it was going rather well. I got off to a bit of a rocky start, until I understood quite how little food 500 calories really amounts to.

I found it much easier to follow my fasting buddy’s routine and eat nothing at all on the day of the fast until dinner. It’s oddly easier. With plenty of tea, the odd cup of black coffee, copious sugar-free gum and the odd apple (50 cals), I’d get to 6pm without being bothered.

It’s really quite weird and makes me wonder why I eat so much on a normal day.


The other thing that made a big difference to me was then really limiting what I do eat. With my low height, middle age and long yo yo dieting career, I’ve found I had to restrict my calories to more like 300 to get a result.

Once I figured that out (and two boiled eggs, two oatcakes and some broccoli became my new best friends) I was losing one, or two pounds a week – with the greater loss if I exercised.

By the time I hit the nasty infection I’d lost about 10 pounds and had just reached the magic weight below which I start to feel really good – and a whole new section of my wardrobe fits again.


With the forced hiatus – which also included several days lying in bed motionless like Jabba the Hut – I’ve put half of it back on again, which is maddening. But I’m not giving up.

5:2 fasting works. You lose weight steadily but slowly – and it’s so oddly easy to do, knowing you can eat what you want (without going bonkers) in the morning.

I also feel really good and super energised on the days I do it and one last – amazing – benefit for me, it seems to help my crappy rosacea skin (and Not That Pippa reports the same in comments, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence).


I’m having another two week break from it when I go to New York next week (I’m human…), but then I’m back on for the long term.

And now here is the trailer from that very special film…

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