Seven Days of Positve – Day 126

In Exercise on March 18, 2015 at 10:20 pm


So here I am in my new life as a person who ‘does exercise’. Not only does it, but looks forward to it and plans things around it. It’s a miracle.

Finding the right teacher, the previously mentioned Sue, was the clincher (and her classses are at the right time, which is about 98% of it, don’t you think?) and sealing my new lifestyle was an amazing trip I did last weekend for a travel feature.

I can’t tell you anything about it until the magazine has come out, except to say it took place in Provence (JOY) and I walked up and down a couple of small mountains, among other sporty activities.

The best thing was that it came with a kit list – so I had to go shopping. For sports gear.


After an initial sense of outrage – spend money on that? – followed by a sense of dread more usually associated with swimwear shopping, I forced myself into a local discount sportswear retailer.

Wow. There’s a whole other world out there. I had no idea. Now I understand why the lovely Sue has been looking at me quizzically. I was doing her classes in my yoga pants and an old T shirt. That was my idea of sports clothes.

Now I see it was like turning up for aqua aerobics in a pair of pyjamas.


I found the rail after rail of flimsy slippery things emblazoned with logos overwhelming and ended up in a changing room with about 30 garments, many even of them even harder to get off than they were to get on.

Eventually I narrowed it down to one pair of grey white and black graphic floral print ankle-length stretchy pants, with one of those cool zip pockets in the back waist band for your keys, and one black t shirt top thingo.

It wasn’t enough, so I headed over to TK Maxx where there were rails of the stuff. Here I found two pairs of natty trews in lightweight lycra to a Capri length (is there a real name for these?), one black, the other black and grey with pink detailing, and a really nice mid-grey marl effect T shirt thingo (sports top?).

gym 2

The clincher was a super groovy fitted outer shell jacket by Avalanche in fluoro pink, one of my favourite colours – which also features on my workout Nikes. So with black, grey and le shocking working back together, I had my capsule workout wardrobe sorted. And I was thrilled when I remembered I have an old J Crew light cotton fitted hoodie in a very similar pink which would make a great layering piece.


What? Was I not supposed to care what these clothes look like? I may have had a small personality transplant with regard to doing exercise, but there are limits.

If I have to jump about like a middle-aged flea, at least I can just do it in a subtly co-ordinated outfit.


  1. That’s great Maggie, I went through the same thing when I took up jogging a couple of years ago, I though it was ok to jog in trackie daks. (It’s so not!)

    I got with the program thanks to a trip to Lorna Jean & bought a pair of those snug black jogging leggings (so comfy!), complete with zipper in the back for keys/change.

    Enjoy your new life as an active person!

  2. Maggie, as always everything you say rings true for me! I was a reluctant exerciser, who came to love it and how it made me feel. I’ve always put effort into my regular outfits, so when it comes to exercise gear I’m just the same. After my recent purchase of new runners, I had to update my gear to match! Crazy, some will say, but hey, if it makes you feel good……

  3. Sounds like an amazing trip. I find buying workout clothes makes me want to exercise more. We’re spoilt for choice in Melbourne with Lorna Jane, an Australian company with fantastic workout gear. They always have new styles in fun colours. It lasts and lasts as well. I also love LuluLemon, a Canadian company that is very popular here. The quality and fit is second to none. Happy exercising!

  4. you are not being weird about caring what your exercise clothing looks like. I find that if I don’t like what I’m wearing, I try and put it off…and it’s not that I am not serious about training (I’m in training for a marathon!). I find that you need to set everything up so it just “flows” as you get yourself out the door. As you say, the timing is really important. For me it’s also having an idea of how far I need to run, so making up an interesting route for me to take (I like to run into the city through Sydney University and down through Glebe, then into the Rocks and Circular Quay over the harbour bridge and back, around the botanic gardens etc – always a pleasure. It’s amazing how far you can get around Sydney under your own steam), I make sure I have some good podcasts ready to listen to, and the night before a very big run, I get my gear out ready. I think “what do I want to wear for a three hour run through the city?”. It has to be comfortable, but also make me feel happy. I prefer a running t-shirt instead of a singlet to protect my shoulders and back from the sun, but the shirt needs the right right drape and length to suit my running shorts. Other shirts are better shaped to go with my running leggings (slightly more fitted / less drape). And to top it all off they need all those nifty features like back key pockets and ideally some built in sun-protection and a fabric that wicks the sweat away. AND they get washed. A LOT. So they need to be very good quality. Come to think of it I expect more out of my running kit than my reg clothing!

  5. I can’t believe there are people who don’t take care of what they wear while exercising but do take care at other times. Surely you either care or you don’t? I’m in the caring club and have a selection of exercise gear that’s comfortable, flattering, moisture-wicking (essential), cool and warm as required.

    The Australian label Vie Active make merino garments that have all the wonderful properties of wool- and they look pretty swish, too!

  6. I’ve been guilty of exercising in an old pair of shorts and a cotton singlet. My daughter just gave me a pair of short Nike shorts that have a little pair of bike pants built-in. Very practical.
    Now I just need a sports singlet that I can actually get on and off!

  7. Lululemon. Sucks it all in and the wide waistband keeps it firm. It makes me feel half a size thinner!

    • I am rolling on the floor laughing. I am sorry to say that I used to go to exercise (Aerobics etc) classes in the 80s wearing gear kinda similar to some of the girls you have featured in this post. I used to stick to basic black and white but there def. was lycra; thankfully no head bands or leg warmers for me but I certainly loved my white high top Reeboks. In Neutral Bay in the 80s we had the fabulous Rankin Sisters. 3 girls with very big hair and a whole lot of bounce. If I was staying at my boyfriend’s in Mosman I would do a class or two there – what a scene, but fun. But at home in Woollahra I would go and cane myself regularly with a very competitive friend or two at classes in Rushcutters Bay in a huge semi underground space. I can’t remember the name exactly but the instructors were BRUTAL – Aerobics, running etc etc; it was too much. Luckily I developed shin splints (from all the high impact) and that was the perfect and legitimate excuse to stop. Olivia Newton John will forever be the pin up girl of that time, right? So glad you are loving your exercise now – it does make such a difference to one’s physical confidence, energy levels and state of mind. Have told so many people about the great ad you posted “I jiggle therefore I am” – all love it! BX

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