Seven Days of Positive – Day 125

In Packing, Weight loss on March 12, 2015 at 10:40 pm


I’ve just done the easiest pack I’ve ever done. Not a moment of anguish.

Out of the closet it came – navy blue, navy blue, navy blue, bright pink and white stripes, navy blue, pink, navy blue, navy blue, pink – and into the bag it went.

There was one small anxiety when I couldn’t remember where I had put my Sperry Oxfords (pink), then I remembered. Another short angst about which bag to take for use in the resort – you know that carrying your room key, lippie and phone thing – until I remembered the brilliant 1970s one my mum gave me.


The strap is a gold chain link arrangement, so it works shoulder or can be converted into a clutch.

It’s navy blue.

Sort out the toilietries and make up. Two feature necklaces. A scarf wrap. In the bag.


Travelling clothes laid out on bed. Travel handbag packed. Passport? Check. Done.

So what made the process I normally find torturous so easy, in fact enjoyable?

Losing ten kilos. True fact.

  1. I am in awe of you Maggie! Well done! I am off to NZ in April, will be spending time in Auckland and then the countryside. Am dreading the pack as I am the world’s worst packer!

    You are right – the trick is to stick to two or three colours that match.

    • I almost had too much choice of combinations! Shall I wear the silk pants, or the tailored shorts? The striped T, or the silk top? I was only away a few days, would have worked for a fortnight.

  2. Wow Maggie – 10 kilos. Fabulous !!! I know you are doing simething else now but you inspired me to do the 5 & 2. Into my 5th week now and 4.3 kilos lighter. Feel so much ‘prettier’ in my clothes. Going to keep at it so I can feel ‘chic’ for my Paris holiday in May.
    Have a great time in your pink and navy. x

    • I like the 5&2 system as well, it worked for me, but I found I was a bit stupid in my non-fasting days… eating too much sugary stuff, BECAUSE I COULD. 4.3 kilos is already a big difference, I felt so much better at that stage. Now it’s getting tougher as I haven’t got much to go and it’s getting slooooooooooooow, but I’m not giving up until I’m back into ALL my old jeans.

  3. What a joy it is to be slim. I have three of your old columns from Melbourne’s ‘Good Weekend’ and one picture of Uma Thurman’s cellulite (it helps to know it’s there), stuck to my wardrobe door, and still I spend two months each year gaining about 8kg and the other ten months slowly getting it off again. It’s not good!

    Love ya work lady.

    • How lovely to think of those columns on your wardrobe door – that means a LOT to me xxx I’ve been eating the Amelia Freer way without a break for 5 months now and it’s become a way of life. My family eat mostly what I eat – because they like it. Neither of them need to lose weight, so they have a bit of pudding as well and snacks, but they love the food.

      • I have bought Amelia’s book so we’ll see how I go! My husband however is almost hedonistic in his approach to diet….. he once said he’d rather be dead than restrict his eating, silly man. Anyway, I do what I can! And your columns are even laminated 🙂 xx

      • Let me know how you get on. I’m a tantalising 2.5 kilos from my goal…

  4. Had to laugh out loud – go the navy blue! Navy blue is my comfort zone. Enjoy the holiday and your healthier and lighter self.

    • Navy blue is the most elegant of colours, I think. It made me so happy when I unpacked at the other end and saw it all neatly sitting there… The pink added some fun.

  5. Thats fantastic !!!…everything is simpler , looks better with the the loss of kilos.
    Can we see some pics of you looking even more fabulous please ?

  6. Fantastic Maggie.
    Isn’t it amazing how something like losing weight can make you feel like a million dollars.
    I’m liking navy at the moment too, it’s kind of grown up and ‘proper’

    • You are so right Debra! I bought a fabulous vintage dress (navy) last weekend. Well pleased with myself as it fits like a glove (and I can wear it without a bra but that’s another story!). Beat the Store owner on the price too! Whilst I was buying it I recalled Maggie’s wise words about how navy is flattering for more mature ladies (I’m only 47 so not that mature!) Wore the dress to work on Monday and received loads of compliments!

    • Navy is da bomb. I hardly wear black now.

  7. Let’s see your luggage then! One small bag?

    • Not as small as it would have been as I had to take quite a lot of sports kit for a story I was doing. I’m not into minimal packing. It’s overrated. I’ve done it and nearly frozen to death!

  8. Well done Maggie. I bet 10 kilos is 20% of your body weight. I’ve only just figured out the pack-all-one-colour technique for packing. So much easier. And I’ve always LOVED navy – just can’t find enough of it.

  9. Hi Maggie, I know you’ve tried lots of things in the past to shed the dreaded weight. You must be thrilled to have found a plan that works. I can’t find a way to loose the 8 kgs ivebgained. What finally worked for you! Well done!!!

    • Hi Sally, if you look at the archives under Weightloss you’ll find my post about Amelia Freer’s system. The main thing is not to eat anything – not even a coffee, or cup of tea – between meals. And as most people are advising these days, zero carbs, zero sugar… except one meal a week, when you have whatever you want. I don’t miss sugar at all now, but really enjoy my one weekly treat. It’s amazing how you can adjust. I’ve been eating this way since October now and it’s become a way of life. If I’m going out, I save my ‘treat’ meal for that occasion and if there’s two in a week, I eat what I’m given, I’m never going to take my ‘diet’ out for dinner at a friend’s place, but mostly I find I can just fit round it.

  10. Fantastic Maggie!
    I have also lost weight and am following the principles of Amelia Freer on you recommendation. The packing result is so true when at our ‘fighting weight’. I just packed for a 4 day weekend away, jeans, chambray, navy stripes, navy silk and leather for evening. Done and done.
    You are like a cool older sister Maggie, and I’ve been guided by you since the early good weekend days. A dark denim jacket to work back a look? done! ( was that 90’s or 2000’s?) don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row… Ok got it! (can’t remember when that was) how to add a touch of a trend with out looking costumy, (you had a slip of a silk scarf with a nautical vibe). Bonds sweaters? All over it, great to get your nod of approval.
    Always remaining timelessly stylish and current at the same time.
    Thank you!
    Meg (Australia)

    • what a lovely comment, Meg! I’m quite overcome. Loving the sound of your navy silk and LEATHER for evening… will you tell me what the specific pieces were? One of my co-travellers appeared at dinner in a leather jacket and it was such a good look. I stopped myself buying a really perfect one about six years ago and I’ve been regretting it ever since. xxx

      • Slim leather pants and navy silk blouse ( I think they call it ‘popover’ style, very simple; opening at neck, no buttons),
        I also have (for me) the most perfect leather jacket. Zip front, fitted, no pockets, no collar, butter soft. I am always asked where I got it, and the answer is a bit surprising…Sportscraft.
        Can’t wait to read about the spa!

  11. Sounds excellent. 10Kilos – congratulations. Hows the new swimsuit? Lovin’ yourself crazy in it? ‘Bet you look a million dollars in it. x

  12. Fabulous tips. Very helpful indeed. It is really essential to follow the suggestions you shared earlier to keep myself ahead in the sector of fashion and style. Thank you very much for sharing this important info with us and hope that you will keep sharing more and more.

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