Seven Days of Positive – Day 124

In Accessories, Friends on March 11, 2015 at 10:09 pm


I’ve had such an exciting day.

I’m working on updating my website, which hasn’t been touched since about 2005, because in those days once someone had put your site up there was nothing you could do to it, without getting the designer to do it for you.

It was all just too hard, so after one small adjustment about three years ago, I’ve just let it sit there, fugging the buck out of me.

The problem was that it was just too hard to get it the way I want it by remote control – and you can understand, as someone who has edited four magazines and as many newspaper sections, I really know how I want things.


That’s why I started playing around with blogs, to have that control, but now – HURRAH! – I’m finally doing what I’ve been longing to for years and I’m re-working with this blog nestled at the heart of it.

Best of all I’m doing it with someone I’ve been friends and colleagues with since 1986.

Jayne Gould is a fantastic designer. She was art director of YOU magazine when I went to work there and we immediately recognised each other as kindred spirits of the let’s do it, let’s do it like we mean it and let’s do it NOW mindset.

We’ve worked together on two other titles since (including the Sydney Morning Herald) and pretty much finish each other’s sentences.


So today, there we were, 100 miles apart, looking at the same thing on our screens and I’d say ‘Do you think we should make the sub-title a little bigger?’ and Jayne would reply ‘I’ve just done it, refresh your screen…’.

While Jayne is the expert (she’s a serious tech head) what I love is that I’m getting to build quite a lot of it myself. Because I’m so familiar with WordPress (it’s a self-hosted WordPress site – ooh, get me) I’m putting together the pages I want on the nav bar (oo er) while she does the more complicated stuff.

It’s quite a lot of fiddling with pictures, but worth it to have that editorial control I so need… cue maniacal laugh.

I’m not sure when it will go ‘live’, but if all goes according to plan everyone who follows this blog, will continue to get an email every time I post, which will link through to the new blog posting on the website.

I have illustrated this post with gratuitous pictures of a handsome man, a handbag I like (the Beamish by Village England)  and a cute animal.


  1. HURRAH! Well done on the blog, Maggie.

    And that gorgeous man is good enough to roll up and smoke, cigar and all. Thank you for that! Love the bag and darling baby hedgehog. BECAUSE YOU CAN, kid!

  2. “Let’s do it, let’s do it like we mean it and let’s do it NOW.”
    I LOVE this line. It sums up my work (and life) philosophy perfectly. It’s always wonderful when you get to collaborate with someone who thinks the same way.

  3. That ‘douche’ is cracking me up. P.s can’t wait to see the new website and read the new book!

  4. I love the look of that guy and the handbag and the tiny furry creature – all too gorgeous for words.

  5. PS being able to edit for oneself – so empowering BX

  6. Congrats Maggie !!!
    Love checking in to England each am with you.
    The hedgehog is so beautiful… more hedgehogs please !!!

  7. That guy is so pretty, I thought he was female at first.

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