Seven Days of Positive – Day 123

In Exercise on March 10, 2015 at 10:02 pm


The light has changed. The sky is still bright at 6pm. The birds are singing. My house is full of spring flowers. It’s not long until we’ll change the clocks. Hibernation is nearly over.

Although I have remembered this year – I usually forget – that there will still be several months before I can leave the house without a jacket. Even when all the trees are back in leaf by the beginning of May, there can still be a cutting edge in the wind in England.

But even so, everyone has a new bounce in their step and I have a particular bounce in mine, because I’m still exercising. I think I might be getting the bug.

Last week I did one aerobic class, a long walk and a session on the treadmill. I’ve already done two classes this week.

I’m trying various different ones to find my groove. It’s one of those times when living in a small town is a bit frustrating as there’s not even any hot yoga here, or anything interesting like that.

As I’ve mentioned before, last week I ended up in a class taken by chap who looked exactly like my brother’s Action Man doll. When it got to a bit where we were supposed to do star jumps, he jumped fully in the air, bringing his knees up to his chest like a ninja.

Body Attack is definitely a bit much for me.


On Monday I went to another class at the same local authority ‘leisure centre’. And what kind of name is that for somewhere you take exercise, by the way? My idea of leisure is lying on the sofa watching Indian Summers, my new favourite drama. They should call it an Exercise Centre.

Anyway, I’d got my times mixed up and as I was an hour early for Legs, Bums and Tums, the young chap at the desk suggested I try ‘Fit and Nifty’. When I got into the class I realised it was for Senior Citizens.

Great, so I looked over 65 to him.

I felt such a banana and could hardly control my giggles, I felt like I was in the film Cocoon, but I brazened it out. When I got home and looked at my timetable it was called ‘Senior Conditioning’. Marvellous.

My favourite classes so far are at a more appropriately named ‘health club’ led by a very nice woman called Sue, who is about my age and has a figure I wish I’d had when I was 25.


They’re just the right level – somewhere between Body Attack and Senior Conditioning – where I feel comfortable skipping about to music, but a bit stretched beyond my comfort zone. I even enjoy doing ‘boxer running’, holding weights.

But I would like to try something a bit more fun, so I’m hugely grateful to Michelle Hill for telling me about No Lights No Lyrca, a brilliant new concept in exercise, which started in Melbourne.

As far as I can tell it’s party dancing – without having to wait for someone to have a party and no bother with staying up late, wearing high heels and getting a hangover.

I’m hoping to start a weekly session here, with my friend Gail.


My fitness craze will continue this weekend, when I’m going to Provence (hurrah!) to do a travel story about a ‘wellness’ detox weekend in a swanky resort up in the mountains. I’m really looking forward to it. Really madly truly.

And having received the required kit list (there will be biking and hiking) from the trainer, tomorrow I’m off to a sportswear shop to buy some proper gear. I’ve been doing my aerobics classes in yoga clothes and I really need to get properly equipped.

I can’t quite believe it.

  1. Ohhh Maggie I can totally relate to how good you feel about springtime – I live in Sydney and the nights AND mornings are getting darker, I lived in the UK for 21 years and still love to visit when the days are lonnnnnggggggg enjoy!

  2. Hi. I think exercise definitely becomes addictive. I recently joined a gym and have a personal trainer once a week – I can’t imagine missing a session, even though it means getting up much earlier than I would like. And unlike over there, the days are shortening, so it is dark when I leave the house. Great work with all your activities and commitment!

  3. Your weekend away sounds great…and all under the guise of work 🙂 Would love to see your new purchase. After doing most of my exercising at home the last few years with daggy, outdated gear, have no idea what women of a certain age (51) wear.

  4. Love that you share my passion for Blue Willow. We have missed you in Australia, Maggie. Great to have a regular fix arriving in my inbox.

    • I’m OBSESSED with it Jane! I love that there are so many different versions of it. I like to try and find as many different variations as possible. Blue and white china in general is my THANG. I might post about it some time, good idea. x

  5. I hope you went back and slapped that young man ! My co-worker was assigned a personal trainer when she joined one of those hideous fluorescent lit franchise gyms and he was sooo young she referred to him as ‘the foetus’. Not to his face, of course.

  6. Hi Maggie,
    If you are doing a lot of cycling – don’t skimp on gear. The only thing that looks worse than riding a bike in lycra cycling kit is NOT wearing it while riding a sports bike ( hello undies hanging out the back.) If you are looking at cycling knicks, defo get the ‘bib’ style, even if it means getting men’s ones. They wont rub around your waist, there can be no gap between top and shorts, they ‘brace’ and compress your core a bit and they are ever so slightly slimming. There is a trick to having a wee in them without getting undressed – i’ll tell you about that later…..

  7. My friend and I could both swim but decided to take stroke correction classes. It’s been fantastic learning the correct way to swim freestyle and breast stroke. With the proper technique I’m swimming efficiently in a relaxed manner while getting a wonderful aerobic workout without feeling sweaty. Perfect exercise for a Sydney summer.

  8. Love all those beautiful flowers around your house. Gorgeous.
    I walk for forty minutes every morning and twenty minutes every afternoon.
    Next step: finding an exercise class that feels like a 1970s disco – that’s all I want. Just to relive that little moment of pure joy. When I hear anything from that 70s playlist – out of context – I cringe at it, but once there’s dancing involved, it’s like my ears have a filter. I do like a good step class and a bit of yoga, but I hate the gym atmosphere. Can’t have it all, I guess.

  9. Hi Maggie, I started Pilates with a Physiotherapist 6 months ago and can’t believe the difference it is making to my everyday life. My posture is better and being made aware of how to move, stand and sit the correct way I no longer suffer niggly pain, discomfort or stiffness after extended periods of doing activities. Even though it is costly I think it is good insurance for old age. I love opening your blog and look forward to the new website. Thank you x

  10. Love love love the pix of hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. Not to mention the blue and white china, gorgeous. We’re coming to the end of a hot, very humid summer and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to Autumn here just north of Sydney, and to my camellias blossoming.

  11. Lovely daffs! For some reason I had dropped off the following list for your blog, so hooray,just found it again and am most happy.

  12. Maggie! thanks to you I went to No Lights No Lycra at Newtown last week. Read it and thought unless I do it tonight it’ll be another year before I remember to do it again. LOVEDLOVEDLOVED it – thank you. Your healthy fab body thing is wonderful xx

  13. Dear Maggie, all the beautiful bulb flowers in your house – I can hear the happy early Spring hum from here. Senior conditioning indeed! But I guess its better than sitting in the “Leisure Centre” coffee shop drinking hot chocolates and eating muffins (always a temptation for me) till your first choice class started. Having the right gear really helps the exercise mindset for sure. How did you go with your gorgeous new swimsuit (in France)? B

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