Seven Days of Positive – Day 117

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I did something absolutely brilliant today, but I can’t tell you about it yet, as it’s for an article to appear on, a website I contribute to. As soon as it’s up I’ll post the link (with added highlights).

In other news, I continued the mother/daughter film festival with Peggy. She chose Walking On Sunshine, which I wasn’t very excited to see – but boy did I have a nice surprise.

His name is Guilio Berruti.


I think he’s the most gorgeous man who has ever lived. Seriously, the most beautiful ever. He’s just perfect. That body, that face – and blue eyes?

He also has a very appealing on screen presence, not in any way lessened by him spending most of the film in swimwear. See here.

Mother and daughter fell in immediate love. It was hilarious. Every time he came on screen we clutched each other and squealed, probably entirely inappropriately, but it was great fun.

Here are some more pictures of him.


Here he is in some kind of doublet and hose feature.

imagesL9Q1EUEWAnd here, dead casual like, in jeans and a parka, getting a coffee, no doubt, like the Italian dude he is.


Working a pair of shades.


Looking adorable in a duffel coat.

images2Signor Darcy in a cravat arrangement.

nakedStruth! He’s naked!

Screen-Shot-2014-06-02-at-10_57_45And again. These shots were taken for for an Italian safe sex campaign (not a homoerotic calendar).

He was the big attraction of the film, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. There’s no denying it’s an unapologetic Mamma Mia copy, right down to the summer loving beach setting, but instead of the heinous music of ABBA (I looooooooooooooathe ABBA), it’s based around fabulous 1980s pop hits.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. If I Could Turn Back Time. Holiday. Wild Boys. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. And the one and only Eternal Flame.

Every track that came on Peggy yelled ‘Oh, I love this song!’ and I had to stop myself saying some dopey old person thing like, ‘Ah, yes I remember this playing in every shop and bar in the East Village in 1983…this was my soundtrack to the summer of 1982…I danced to this with George Michael, when I interviewed him in 1984…

I thought I showed great restraint, but I held back because I wanted watching the film to be an experience for us to share in the here and now, not make it all about my memories of the olden days. I’m glad I did. I quietly enjoyed remembering those times, without having to bore her with it.

If you just want a couple of hours of completely undemanding, pure sugar entertainment – with a white hot lust object – this will hit the spot.

(As you will see in this clip, he even has alluring armpit hair.)

  1. so wished I could have perved with you! >

  2. that’s hilarious! my 8-year-old girl loves to watch beautiful men on screen (apple doesn’t fall far and all that!) Always interesting to see who she likes. Sometimes, anyone over 25 is deemed ancient, but some just seem to be universally loved regardless of their age (George Clooney, Johnny Depp). Will definitely put this movie on our list…he is gorgeous!

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it? It’s pure instinct at work. Not a ‘sexual’ thing in the real sense, but the rules of attraction are programmed into us all even before we understand what they are there for (continuation of the species…)

  3. Thanks Maggie that really brightened up my morning of emails and financial services brochures!

  4. Chuckle. Chuckle. Chuckle. I looooooooooooooove Abba. And I love Meryl Streep. And I love Pierce Brosnan. And I love Colin Firth. And I love julie Walters.
    So I looooooooooooooooooooooooove Mama Mia. (The scene where Meryl Streep sings ‘The Winner Takes it All’ to Pierce Brosnan is one of my favourite movie scenes of all time – sorry, can’t help it.
    I’m putting this movie on my to-see list. I’ll take my girls along with me – they ARE in their twenties, but they DO like to support their mother!
    All those songs bring back so many memories of Countdown on Sunday nights with my teenage sister-in-law. (For those non-Australians, Countdown was a show like Top of the Pops, not Countdown the UK words and numbers TV show!)
    Thanks for a good laugh, Maggie.

    • I know I’m in the minority when it comes to ABBA. I love all the actors in that film (especially Pierce B and his really sweet bad singing). Maybe I need to get over myself and give it another chance…

      • No Maggie… You’re quite right… Abba just does my head in these days. Can’t bear it…. I think I must have OD’d in 1977/78 listening non stop to the Arrival album and obsessing over Bjorn and Anna. If it’s a 70’s reminisce on the dance floor these days it has to be a bit of James Brown or Hot Chocolate. If Dancing Queen comes on I run a mile….

      • So glad it’s not just me! I hated their outfits so much at the time and it never seemed cool, it wasn’t proper pop to me. Winner takes it all is a great song, but the video was just so so awful…

  5. Oh dear, what a fella! There is something so mesmerizing about the blue/green eyes and the dark hair combo. My dad when younger was raven haired and (still) green eyed and I have to admit that the bloke I never managed to quite get over from eons back – the same colouring. Recently in the Middle East I saw some fantastic versions of blue/green eyes, dark complexions and even darker hair; the camera loves it and in real life can be positively gob-smacking. Thanks for sharing and enjoy. BX PS the bod not bad either ….

  6. Lovely post. I feel the need to ask you to expand on the dance with George Michael. Can you please?

  7. *immediately downloads Walking on Sunshine*

  8. “he even has alluring armpit hair” – best line ever! He’s gorgeous, although I don’t know if that’s consolation enough for ruining some wonderful songs.

  9. Thanks for the delicious pictures.

    Your Abba comments made me laugh – I have been sitting here watching Mamma Mia on free to air telly tonight but turned it off before the bit where she sings to her daughter, as that always makes me drip tears, much to my own daughter’s disgust. Instead, I sent her a text to say how much I love her (she’s been out with her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day). MM is a film we usually enjoy together – daggy songs, questionable singing and all. Enjoy your lovely memory making with Peggy.

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