Seven Days of Positive – Day 116

In books, Friends, Medium on February 6, 2015 at 9:02 pm


I went up to town for the launch of my friend Catherine Mayer’s new biography of Prince Charles – Charles, Heart of a King.

The book has caused something of a stir, to put it mildly. Certainly it’s the first time I’ve heard any of my friend’s books mentioned at the top of every hourly news bulletin on Radio 4 for an entire day.

Go Catherine! She’s so clever and a very loyal pal.

My date for the night was my great friend Sebastian (the same one I went to the Donmar Warehouse with) and being at that kind of party with him – it was pulsating with the great, the good and the fabulously bad – reminded me of when we were hyper ambitious media weenies together in the mid-1980s, blagging our way into every launch we possibly could.

After we went to Polpetto, a favourite of mine in Soho’s Berwick Street, which serves small plates of Italian food, with a Venetian leaning, for dinner with two other pals, K and I.


We talked about our mutual friend Jessica Adams, the astrologer I wrote about at the start of the year ( Jessica is also a medium and K told an extraordinary story about something that happened after Jessica did a reading for her.

As she told it the hair stood up on all of our arms and I was reminded of the time years ago when Jessica read for me.

‘Your father’s here,’ was the first thing she said and went on to give me two details about him that she couldn’t possibly have known. I’ll never forget it.

She did exactly the same thing with another friend of mine, who she had only just met, coming straight out with a detail about her late father.

I stayed over at Sebastian’s house and on my way back to the station this morning I saw a young man sitting on the pavement trying to raise funds playing tunes on a traffic cone he was using as a giant kazoo.

He was getting a really great sound out of it and I stopped to listen, not sure I was hearing right – was he really playing Fly Me To The Moon?

It seemed such a surprising choice for someone his age. He looked about 23. It was one of my parents’ favourite songs, always played at their parties and it always makes me think of my dad in his dinner jacket, with his 1960s bow tie, like something Sammy Davis Jnr would have worn (I’ve still got it).

I gave the busker all my change.

You can hear him play here, seems he’s a bit of a local feature.

  1. Do you think he’s humming into it? Or maybe he does have a small kazoo inside it and the traffic cone is amplifying it. Great fun regardless. I saw a ridiculous dog hanging out of a car window yesterday and it really made me smile. Then I realised, with a thud, that I haven’t been actively looking for the positive lately. Back on track now…….

  2. one mighty fine day x

  3. Often something that reminds you of a late loved one is bittersweet. when I see or hear things that my grandmother would have enjoyed I often have a chuckle to myself as she had a quirky humour (and a deep love for her family) that I didn’t appreciate until she was gone. She died over eight years ago and I still miss her but I know that those I loved are still watching over me.
    Maggie, I’m sure your dad would have loved that busker’s repertoire !

    • He would have Lara. The comedy of it would have appealed greatly to him too. He would have asked him for a request, given him £20 and danced with the nearest lady… I was thinking of him last night too, watching the first game of the Six Nations rugby. He was a big rugby fan – and played for his medical school – and would go up to Edinburgh with his best mate for the England Scotland matches. So although he’s been gone over 30 years, all those reminders – as with your grandmother – means they’ve never left.

  4. A favourite of my father’s too Maggie…have you watched the youtube of Angelina Jordan singing Fly me to the Moon…now that’s goosebump material!!

    • I find that creepy… you shouldn’t be able to sing like that until you’ve drunk hard liquor daily and smoked for ten years, had your heart badly broken and probably done Class A drugs… but what a beauty. The skin! the cheeks! And on the Leo side RRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. Fly Me to the Moon is a very parent’s parties memory! And for some reason it made me think of the Dean Martin show we’d all watch together on Friday nights back in the 60s.

    I had a chance to meet Jessica Adams late last year but had something else on: really, really wish I had been able to – I miss my dad (and mum) so much and she seems to have a rare talent.

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