Seven Days of Positive – Day 115

In Friends, Love on February 3, 2015 at 11:29 pm

I want to play you one of my favourite songs. Forgive the cheesy photos and lyrics. I was hoping for a live version, but this was the best available, so just close your eyes and listen.

I love that song because like Emmylou Harris and Earl Thomas, I believe in happy endings too. I really do.

So far all my novels have had them (although I’m not making any promises about the new one… I might break my form, I’m saying nothing) although I hope it might not always be achieved in the way you might expect.

The reason I like them in books is because I’ve seen so many happy endings in real life.

Well, they’re happy beginnings really, aren’t they? When two lovely people find each other and look out towards the future, side by side, hand in hand.

My faith in this process has been greatly boosted over the past year or so as one after another of my reluctantly long-term single girlfriends has met a really great man. In each case when I met the chap in question I felt a sense of ‘Oh, there you are…’

I just heard today that one of these pairs is getting married in the summer. This news made me so happy I shed a tear. The moment I saw them together, I knew they were perfect for each other.

They look like they’ve been together for thirty years already.

There’s another wedding slated for later in the year and another in the planning. And one or two more I’m really really really hoping will be announced.

This leaves just one or two of my very favourite people still waiting for a mate who is good enough for them.

I really can’t understand why either of them is single, but when I say – as I did to one of them on the phone this evening – that I am completely sure that they will meet the right person, I’m not just blah, blah, blahing, to make them feel better.

I know it will happen.

He may not be anything like the person they think they have in mind and it won’t happen in any of the ways they can imagine, but they will meet him.

Their single lives will come to a happy ending and their happy beginning will unfold.


PS Just to add – prompted by a very good comment by Margot – that not everyone feels the need to have another person to create their happy future. I have many single friends who feel entirely realised without the need for a long-term partner, they’ve found their happy ending inside themselves. But all the people I’m referring to here very much wanted – or still want – someone else in their lives.

  1. I begin that I have very much enjoyed your posts. Sadly today’s created a discord. The future is not the bee’s knees just because one has the ‘right’ mate or is hoping to find him!
    A very narrow view from someone who I had thought of as a woman of the world.
    One cannot live their life hoping for the outcome. I am a single completely fulfilled woman and know many others.

    Love and light


    • Hi Margot – thanks so much for this comment, you’ve made a very good point. I have quite a few friends like yourself who have found their very happy endings inside themselves, without the need to be bolted to someone else. Or another who is happy on his own, but has sweet short romances as the come along, with no intention for them to develop into anything else. I’m going to amend the post to take your point in and to make it clear that the two people I mention at the end are very reluctantly single – I’m not imposing my ideals upon them. x

  2. Maggie, I like happy endings too. I was late 30s and sworn off the prospect of a man in my life due to two disasters in a row, happily single and not willing to compromise when I met the man who is now my husband. Almost eight years since we met in a totally random way on a random day and I still giggle when I think back to that day. Life’s ups and downs continue but I wouldn’t want to experience them with anyone else.

  3. So you think there might still be hope for a great guy/happy ending for me too? x

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