Seven Days of Positive – Day 114

In houses, Interiors, junk shopping on February 2, 2015 at 10:32 pm


Every year this makes me happy, the day the daffodils come into the shops.

I know they’re grown in polytunnels in Holland, but they’re coming out by the side of the road now too, such a cheerful sight.

I love the smell of them as well. There’s something so optimistic about it.

My dad always used to bring the first ones home for my mum and it reminds me of him to have them in jugs all around the house. And at £1 a bunch you can make a great splash for the price of one bunch of service station carnations.


I also particularly like this spot in my house, where I always put flowers. It’s at the top of the stairs in the hall, where they go down to the kitchen.

The lamp is one of a pair, a junk shop find when I first moved to Hastings. The cabinet is a post-war Utility furniture shoe cupboard, where we keep our scruff about shoes. Snow boots, trainers, Ugg boots, walking boots, that kind of thing. It cost £10.

The convex starburst mirror another treasure from the wonderful five-floor warehouse of premium junk which has now been made into flats. I furnished most of my house from it, including two velvet-covered Chesterfield sofas, £400 the pair. I will never stop missing that emporium of joy.

The heart-shaped pebbles are from Hastings beach, the Chinese gryphon (or whatever he is) is another junketeering trophy.

The paintings are particularly precious because they were given to me by Australian artist Pat Harry, who I wrote about here

Having those bits and bobs, nothing special or unique (apart from the paintings), just stuff I like, makes me happy every time I go past them.

But I’m not going down to the kitchen tonight again if I can possibly avoid it. I had to make the dinner wearing a puffa jacket and a hat – that’s how cold it is.

So the daffodils might be poking there brave little heads up, but we’ve got a lot more of winter to get through yet.

  1. Oh Maggie, I love your heart shaped stones. I have some very similar collected by my children and I from beaches all over Australia! They and all my random bits n bobs my heart sing too. Michelle x

  2. I love Daffodils too. Especially here in NY when you’re coming to the end of a long cold winter. Although it will be another month or two before any are flowering in the parks.

    • It seems quite early here, but I’m no plant expert. I’m going to ask someone who is.

      • I believe it has to do with ground temperature. Here we are still having subzero temps (-11°C on Sat, -9°C this morning).

        Also to answer the question below about growing bulbs in pots, you can but you need to put them in the fridge for 6-8 weeks to give them a fake winter if you live in a warm climate like Sydney.

  3. Lovely daffodils. They are such a cheery sight here after the chill of Winter (though obviously that is not the case in England!). We get drifts of them in our garden; the best one is outside Chloe’s window – big Alfreds. My favourite are little miniatures that pop up in late Spring, across the bottom half of the horse paddock.

    Get this – I have two heart shaped stones on a chest of drawers in the living room, near a photo of my darling dad. One is from Torquay beach (the Australian one); the other is an alabster junk shop find).

    • they’re a very special thing. I have a huge collection of them which I used to have all over the house, in threes, for the three of us, but I made myself put them away. It was getting a bit obsessional! Especially as I also have a collection of stones with holes in them…

  4. And here in Australia the bulb catalogues are arriving in the post for us to order & plant for August/September blooms!

  5. Can you plant them in a pot,Didi? i don’t have anywhere flat enough to plant them in my native/bush rock/very steep block garden, but I’d love to grow them in a big pot. I have finally accepted that yellow is my favourite colour……….

  6. Oh Maggie, gardening in the cold – that’s dedication. In Harlington the sweetest flowers were out in the garden, a bulb for sure might be called “snowbells”? How do they do it? And looking so perky in the cold, snow, etc. Snowed overnight here in St J W – delightful to wake up to. Another delight to wake up to – the little blue W sitting there at the bottom of my screen – praise the Lord, back in business – so thanks again for the Covent Garden tip – they were just wonderful. Re pre-loved/found objects/furniture etc – literally most of my precious possessions tightly locked up in storage for now fall into that category. I have never had any shame about taking an item home that another has discarded to the footpath and have always loved the idea of objects finding their proper “home”. Personally, a “find” from a second hand/charity store generally so much more exciting and gratifying than a mass produced object purchase. I love the idea of a story that goes with each piece, even if I will never know what the story up till my time with the object was. I have been told before that I am overly sentimental. Have a great day. B X

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