Seven Days of Positive – Day 109

In FIlms on January 22, 2015 at 10:21 pm


I could easily write today off as one of those ones when I will be very glad to go to bed because it will mean it’s nearly over.

I’ve spent all of it doing tax stuff, which really isn’t my comfort zone. In fact I’d really rather run naked through Selfridges beauty hall with a flaming ostrich feather up my bottom…

Anyway, while doing that, feeling like Uriah Heep, I found I am liable for a really quite significant payment for something I never asked for, which is completely unfair and wrong, but I have no redress.

I feel quite sick with the injustice of it.

Then my mashed potato went wrong. All that peeling and boiling and mashing, and then I accidentally put in loads of cream which was really properly off. Inedible. After the previous thing it felt like a massive deal.

But deep breath, I don’t want to go to bed feeling all churned up, so I watched Grand Budapest Hotel on the telly and found it most distracting.


My lord what a cast! The wrap party must have been a riot. Harvey Keitel, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray… Willen Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum and Tilda Swinton? Character actor heaven.



And as for Mr Fiennes, I think it’s almost my favourite of his performances.


I’m sure he based his wonderfully modulated tones and very particularly breathy phrasing on legendary British TV and radio presenter Nicholas Parsons, most well known for hosting on BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute.

He’s 90 now and a living national treasure.

The show isn’t available on the iPlayer at the moment, but I found some televised versions. Close your eyes to get the full effect.

One of the other things I adored about the film was the sets and I found this great slideshow about them on the Architectural Digest site.


  1. Oh dear Maggie, I haven’t seen Grand Budapest Hotel yet, so hoping that it will flick through on an iplayer station bbc/itv so I can enjoy it too. Stella cast for sure. My sympathies for the tax day. Is there anything worse? I met a young book keeper once who specialized in “creative types” and she (regularly but unofficially) referred to her business as “The Black Hole” because that’s what most of her client’s thought of when they had to deal with anything accounts, tax etc related. How are Peggy’s toes? bx

    • Peggy’s toes aren’t destroyed yet, but I’m still nervous… That was a brave woman to take on people like me. It’s always last minute panic stations hell… You’ll love the film, the story is a bit stupid, but the costumes and sets are so well done and you can see the actors are really enjoying themselves. x

  2. Ah, the power of movies to turn a day around!

  3. Love the flaming feather image. I share your loathing of tax stuff, which reminds me that I should really do what I assured my accountant months ago….

    And the unkindness of wrecked mash, supreme comfort food.

    I have been saving Hotel Budapest for a special evening, so am even more keen to watch it – thanks!

  4. Dear Maggie, don’t blame you for being nervous but I am sure Peggy’s toes are formed enough by now to manage and you’ve had excellent advice – so let her fly. All sports/activities involve potential risk of accident (I almost broke my nose once surfing and I have broken bones in my feet surfing too (courtesy of IDIOTS in the water with me) but there’s no way little things like that will stop a devoted surfer/sports lover) all you can do now is ask her about her comfort levels on a regular basis and deal with any developments as they present themselves. Sounds like P is so in love with ballet she is more than able to cope and lets face it – people break bones falling out of bed, falling down stairs – doesn’t have to have a sport involved to become injured. Will check now for G Hotel Budapest on line – hopefully BBC/ITV. Again, so thrilled for you and Peggy to have such a beautiful shared passion. Sunny here but proper cold. Happy weekend. Hope the protest goes well. BXX

  5. Thank you for including the clip of ‘Just a minute’. What a fantastic show ! (Have never seen it here in Australia). I could look at Julian Clary all day, he is so beautiful !

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