Seven Days of Positive – Day 106

In Designers, Red, Trends on January 13, 2015 at 11:35 pm

00240h_640x960Apologies for the break in service. I have been both unwell and cray cray busy, not a great combination, but I’m still alive.

It’s likely to be patchy for a few days as I’m going to spend some time with my darling mum who really isn’t very well and needs some company. Wifi doesn’t feature there.

Apart from cooking her up a storming chicken soup with matzo balls, I plan to spend my time there lying on the bed next to her watching crap TV, reading magazines. Just chatting and napping together.

I’m also going to get out the old photographs, because I know how much pleasure it gives her to look at them with one of the family. I will encourage her to tell me stories about her 1920s childhood and living in London during the Blitz.

If I had been able to post yesterday, it would have been this: John Galliano’s return to the catwalk. His first show for four years.

I know some people will never forgive him what he said in Paris that fateful night. I have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism myself and have been known to leave dinner parties where ‘Jewish jokes’ were told. Not funny.

But although what he said was vile, he has shown great remorse for it. He was not of sound mind when he said those things. It was wrong but I believe he has paid his dues and hard.

I think it’s time to let him back in. To allow one of the greatest creative minds in fashion history to wallow in obscurity would be such a waste.

So now we have seen his first collection for Martin Margiela, which I though was the weirdest pairing when I first heard about it – but it is the couture line and I loved it.


It’s not accessible fashion. A lot of it will look weird in terms of what we will ‘actually wear’. But with my eye trained from so very many years attending fashion shows I could see a lot in it which will influence fashion going forward.

In the not too distant future we will be wearing head to toe red.


And if you can’t cope with the more ‘directional’ outfits, just look at this simple double-breasted suit. Perfection.


If I were going to the Oscars I would be on the phone to my stylist right now begging her to get me this frock to wear. Imagine how those ribbons would flutter as you walked along the red carpet?


  1. Best wishes to your mum Maggie. Hope she’s ok.

  2. Maggie, hope you can rest and regenerate with your Mum. Have you considered recording her stories as she tells them so you can share them with your daughter? So easy these days with smart phones, tablets, etc.

  3. Enjoy time with your darling mum. There’s nothing more important than that.
    Finally, I ‘m in fashion – head to toe in red ( well I wouldn’t do red plaques.)
    Wishing you all a wonderful 2015. Den x

  4. Have just returned from Adelaide where I visited the Fashion Icons exhibition which displayed masterpieces from the collection of the Musée des Arts Décorative in Paris. It included some Galliano menswear. He was a standout designer even in an exhibition where all the elements of the collection were particularly special. Vivienne Westwood was pretty amazing too. J’adore Balenciaga and Christian Lacroix and Dior and Yves. In fact the whole exhibition was so good I went around three times.

  5. Omigosh, I was also going to suggest recording your mum’s stories about her 1920s childhood and living in London during the Blitz. You won’t be able to listen to them, but they would be fascinating for her other descendants…

    As for that ribbony creature from the black lagoon number, I see DIY fashion in my near future!

  6. Chicken soup and reminiscing. Very good medicine for you and your dear mother, in fact your post brought a tear to my eye. Forget your readers, we’ll be here when you get back.

  7. Oh Maggie, hope u bounce back quickly, I am struggling with the dreadful cold/cough/razor blade throat thing again. Forced myself to make the enormous chicken soup loaded with goodies a couple of days back – always worth the effort, so reassuring to have it on the stove/in the fridge. Precious time your your mother … so hope the lurgy doesn’t latch onto her too. Sun shining this morning in Harlington. BX

  8. Have a beautiful time with your beloved mum, Maggie. I think what you have planned sounds perfect. I wonder – did your mother’s Blitz experiences partially inspire the character of Chard’s mother in Shall We Dance?

    And thanks for the fashion inspiration. I adore red – there’s usually at least a touch of it in in my daily get up. More often it’s a big splurge though. Just back from my month in Europe, I am hanging out for some big colour, as I mainly lived in black there: easier to travel in!

  9. Hi Maggie, a Bowiefied distraction (maybe copy and paste the link as . i can’t seem to make it active). I hope things improve soon on all fronts. x

  10. Only wanted to say that that pants suit looked very mish mashy, not hanging well, and the length of the trousers was ridiculous in that one would a. fall off the shoes b. get caught up in the length – hardly wonderful for confidence.
    Enjoy your time with your mum, and this will possibly be a good recuperation for you as well.

    • This is the over-the-top catwalk styling for impact and effect – hence the odd length of the pants. This is couture, so for ‘real life’ the pants would be made to measure and would hang so unbelievably beautifully. John Galliano is one of the greatest masters of the fall of cloth, so you can rest assured these would be trousers of the most supreme cut. xx

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