Seven Days of Positive – Day 104

In David Bowie, Older women on January 8, 2015 at 9:26 pm

Nick Wooster

This was a good day. A very good day.

I finished my copy edit. Hopelessly late for lots of stupid reasons, but done now.

I like my book.

My adored friend D. finally had the major operation he has been waiting for – and I mean really major – and he’s out of theatre and he’s stable.

I’ve had a candle with two wicks burning all day for him and his husband, keeping them in my thoughts. I am so so happy for them both.

I like this promotion Selfridges are doing – Bright Old Things. I’m mad about all the ancient fabulousnesses on Advanced Style, as often blogged about on here, but I had a bit of a surprise when I read this in detail.

Some of the Bright Old Things are the same age as me. Ha!

That’s Nick Wooster up the top there. He’s a New York-based menswear guru of such repute he has a fan blog about him

He’s 55. Apparently, that’s old now. I guess I didn’t get the memo.

I don’t think I’m quite old yet. OK I’m ancient to my daughter and getting on a bit to my nieces and nephews, but I don’t think mid-50s is old. Maybe I need to get my head round that.

But, really, who cares? It’s only a label. I’m never going to be younger than I am at this very moment right now…. ooops, gone… and I’m not planning to put away my dancing shoes yet.

Never, actually.


This is the wonderful Molly Parkin, mother of my friend Sophie (and former mother-in-law of one of my very oldest friends Al). She’s such a life force. Always has been.

Have a look at the whole thing here and tell me what you think is old.$ja=tsid:32517

The other thing I enjoyed today was the film about Mr Bowie.

I’ve only watched the first bit so far, when he’s just talking in the Breton jumper, then lying on the bed, smoking and talking and frankly, I could watch that on a loop tape for the rest of my life…

He’s 68. (Although I think he was only 48 when this film was made).

  1. Fifty-five is definitely not old, unless of course you’re 20 in which case anyone over 30 is old. My mum turned 91 yesterday and her perception of old is anyone over 100 🙂

  2. Wonderful post Maggie. David Bowie… do all the edgy young things know it’s all been done before?
    So glad your friend is ok.
    Can’t wait for your next book, I have them all!

  3. Dear Maggie,
    Love this post too bits! I’m 56 and don’t feel old at all except for my bloody arthritic knees but am determined to be the best me I can be no matter what.
    OMG Molly Parkin. As a teenager one day I was at the library with my parents I and I happened upon one of her books and boy did it give this Catholic girls schooled me an exciting and thrilling glimpse into sex and romance. I still remember hiding it under the covers from my Mum! Ha!
    Ditto on looking forward to your new book!

  4. Yummy David…..still divine and always will be I suggest. Sting’s still looking wonderful too! So is Scott Walker (ex-Walker Brothers). And what about Charlotte Rampling….Marianne Faithful….Blondie…..the list goes on and on.

    And getting older….as long as I can get around…and git down….then I don’t care! We’re only here for a short time….and a good time….so better make the best of it!



  5. Love that the topiarist is named Bushe and the furniture designer is Woods – and her first name Den is pine tree (denne) in Afrikaans…

  6. Born on the same day, same year as David, love him always and effing hell I’m NOT old! Life is great, I believe I’m looking great and will continue to be a follower of fashion….Je suis Charlie x

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