Seven Days of Positive – Day 104

In Bloggers, Rock 'n' roll on January 7, 2015 at 8:08 pm

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The news from Paris so absolutely awful, it might have been hard to find something positive in today.

I’m just hoping this might be a tipping point, bringing right-minded Muslims together in a movement to somehow halt this constant torrent of hate and murder from people who so misinterpret their shared faith.

I think the Prophet Muhammad would weep to know this was being done in his name.

But earlier today I did come across something which made me smile. I have a new favourite blog, Tales of Endearment, by a New York-based model casting agent, called Natalie Joos.

Ms Joos is the new darling of the street style photographers who lurk outside fashion show venues.

She’s a woman of the most charming and refreshing style and a former model, so she wears it as well as she puts it together. But she’s well into her 30s, so she’s a real woman, not some insufferable whippersnapper.


I’ve written about her for my column this Sunday (not this picture, but this outfit is mentioned, so now you’ll know what I’m talking about) and I will post the link on here.

It was the post by her that dropped into my mailbox this morning, which made me happy. Each week she features a visit to the house and wardrobe of a woman whose style she admires.

Today it was Linda Ramone – widow of the legendary Johnny Ramone, of The Ramones, one of the great bands of my youth.

I am so in love. (These pictures are from Ms Loos’ blog, but I think that’s OK, because I’m encouraging you to look at it.)

Linda R

I love everything about her. The commitment to kitsch camp is so total – her watering can is pink, her cacti are fluoro yellow. And this isn’t a vintage shop, it’s part of her wardrobe.




She dresses like that all the time.

Have a look at the whole post here.

Mr and Mrs Johnny Ramone

With Johnny in the 1970s. I love how she has stayed true to her look. And here are the Ramones in action in CBGBs. Johnny’s the guitarist on the left.

  1. Hi Maggie

    I greatly enjoy your blog. Hastings sounds like a lovely town. The Ramone portion of your post made me think of the show on HBO that the Foo Fights did called Sonic Highway. The one set in New York revisits the Ramones among other bands and the influence that they had. I think we are around the same age so I thought you would enjoy looking at it.

    Thanks again for writing such an entertaining and thought provoking blog.

    All the best from rainy Vancouver


    • Hi Andre, greetings from rainy Hastings to rainy Vancouver! It is so so lovely to think of you reading this all the way over there. It’s thrilling. Out of interest, how did you stumble upon it? I love how the good side of social media makes the world smaller. I’ve made a lovely friend on Twitter who lives in Maine. I never would have met her and she’s such a kindred spirit. Thanks so much for the link to that clip, I’m going to save it as a treat at the end of my working day. Did you know CBGBs is now a John Varvatos clothing store? I was appalled at first, but they have actually managed to keep a lot of the atmosphere and I had a great time in there. I might post about it later! x

  2. I hope so too Maggie…..but unfortunately I know it won’t happen. I again weep for those who have been caught up in such tragic events.



  3. gotta agree with you on that one. The Ramones were the soundtrack of my youth. x

  4. I have so much respect for people who rock a bold, committed style on a daily basis!

  5. Had to laugh at all those elvis posters-there’s a huge Elvis Festival going on in Parkes, central western NSW as we speak-Elvis’ & Priscilla’s everywhere!

    • Elvis is everywhere here too – his 80th birthday thing., Heard Suzi Quatro on the radio this morning talking about him, which was fascinating. She went to see him at Graceland…

  6. Dear Maggie, thanks for the tip on a great new blog to “invest” time in on a regular basis. Love her style (who on the planet can honestly say they don’t want a pair of those pink platform boots in their wardrobe?) Re Paris. The horror and the heartbreak of it. That poor injured policeman, the journos and cartoonists at the magazine shooting then another dreadful shoot incident (apparently unrelated). So impressed with the immediate and immense response from the people of Paris and Europe – stuff of legend. #jesuischarlie #vivre #solidarity #the pen is mightier than the sword #Voltaire

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