Seven Days of Positive – Day 100

In Diets, Music on January 2, 2015 at 10:33 pm

Day 100? Wowsers, how did that happen? Crikey.

Anyhoo, several of you have asked about the 5:2 fasting diet (the last one I was on…) in comments and why I have ditched it in favour of this new regime.

I did find 5:2 very effective and surprisingly easy to do. I lost weight – and I felt incredibly energised on the days I fasted – but after a while I found I couldn’t help myself developing a rather famine and feast approach to food.

So on non-fasting days I would want to eat every rich and fattening food going – because I could. I tried not to go mad, but there was a tendency to think, if I want lasagne followed by trifle, I’ll jolly well have it…

But the main reason I decided to quit 5:2 in favour of working with Amelia was that after my system had been so soundly blasted by (wonderful, blessed, ear-saving) medication, I felt like I needed to undergo something of a detox and a re-calibration.

And I felt I needed the help of a one-to-one nutritional advisor to achieve that.

Losing weight wasn’t enough, I wanted to cleanse and fortify my system. And I want the inner glow that Boy George and my friend have.

While the weight is still coming off steadily, at about half a kilo a week and I now recognise the face in the mirror again, I’m not there yet and I’m not giving up until people start asking me at parties, what my secret is…

Not much else to report today. I’ve got to finish editing my book by Sunday or the sky will fall on my head, so I’ve been hard at it all day, with a set number of pages to finish.

It was hard to stay at the desk, with the most beautiful towering blue sky outside, but sometimes that’s just what you have to do, isn’t it?

The only light relief I allow myself on such days is the odd peep at Instagram. One of my friends had posted a pic of his old 45 of He’s a Rebel by the Crystals, which led to a short excursion to YouTube, where I found that and other treasures.

No video on this one, but I’ve always loved the track.

That is not how I ever pictured the leader of the pack. A tie?

Once you start on there, you can’t stop… and caught in the Bermuda Triangle of the 1960s music area, I remembered how much I love The Monkees, the One Direction de mes jours.

And I could never decide whether I loved Davy or Mickey the best, rather as I feel about Louis and Harry now.

  1. omigosh I LOOVE that Nancy Sinatra song, but I’ve never seen the clip for it before and it is so interesting how the visuals are telling the exact opposite story to the lyrics and music. The former is all “consume us!! Look how we shimmy enticingly in our undie-skimming jumpers!!” and the song itself is so damn ballsy. Huh.

    Well done you for taking control of your health and weight, it is so invigorating!!

  2. Ha ha, that is so so true. ‘consume us’ is brilliant x

  3. Love all those old film clips, thanks so much! Seems like such innocent days..

  4. I live in a daggy country town in victoria news years eve we went to see a fantastic band who play 60’s music danced all night to these very songs as well as some cilla,dusty and you never can tell. It was hot but there was plenty of champers all in a lovely old victorian glod rush building. Far from beautiful chilly London !

  5. I hear you. I ditched 5:2 for the same reason – the 2 days fasting were fine, but the other 5 days were not. And the whole point of it for me was to develop consistency in eating. Nutritional advisor? Would she be known as a dietitian in Australia?

  6. Oh how I love this!!!! Leader of the Pack….camping it up. Just gorgeous. He’s a Rebel….fantastic to dance to and don’t you love those hand/arm movements….and Nancy!!!! Thanks Maggie these really gave me a giggle. Just before Christmas my husband and I bought a ‘record player’ and we’ve started playing our old vinyl. Can’t tell you how much fun we’ve been having. Dusty, Quincy Jones, Annie Lennox etc etc….aaahhhh the good ol’ days! I reckon the dancing is going to help me exercise this year too….and I won’t even know I’m exercising!

    Have a great one….and good luck with your ‘well being’ diet. A perfect sustainable approach to one’s diet.



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