Seven Days of Positive – Day 97

In cashmere, New Year's Eve, Shopping on December 30, 2014 at 10:06 pm


This is the weirdest time of year in the UK.

It’s much better in Australia because it’s summer holidays and everyone is legitimately chilled, but over here – where we are very much chilled in the original meaning of the word, it’s freeeeezing – it’s all half-arsed and peculiar.

Strictly speaking yesterday, today and tomorrow are normal working days, but you try getting hold of a plumber, as I’ve been trying to do. No chance.

Because so many companies just close down from Christmas Eve to January 2nd, everyone is crouched in a kind of limbo state. Living and partly living.

You don’t feel entitled to lie on the sofa watching Harry Potter films and mainlining chocolates, which I consider a perfectly acceptable way to spend Boxing Day, but it’s hard to settle to any proper work either – although I have to, because I’ve got to get something finished and fast.

Tomorrow night is a moment to get through as far as I’m concerned. I’ve done my share of wildly celebrating New Years and loved it, but these days unless I’ve got a really jolly invitation worth putting high heels on for, I secretly relish staying in and sneaking off to bed before midnight.

There’s something oddly magical about going to sleep in one year and waking up in another.

Then it’s only two more weird days – New Year’s Day followed by a random-feeling Friday until we’re into a normal weekend and then a proper working Monday. I’m ready for that.

Meanwhile, I’ve done the only thing a girl can do when feeling a bit arse over and discombobulated. I bought this fab jumper in the sales.

Cashmere, grey, cute sweatshirt detail and raglan sleeves – and nearly £50 off. Get in!

In the flush of this sale find I couldn’t resist this great silk top in my favourite colour, Very Dark Navy.


How useful will this be? Both were from Jigsaw.

For more like this, see my Pinterest board ‘Things I’ve Bought Recently’.

  1. I think it’s worse in Australia, as limbo lasts from 27th December until almost the end of January. If you stay in the city, such as Melbourne, half the cafes are closed and there is a pervasively surreal, end of the world feeling everywhere. Not being able to get a plumber for two days would be a luxury – you can’t get anything or anyone for a month and if you go to the beach, you have to queue for an hour to get an ice cream and it’s too sickeningly hot anyway, and sand sticks to your sunscreen and burns your feet. It’s going to be 40 degrees on Friday, so anything other than lying around inside won’t be an option, but without chocolates as they will have melted!

    • Sue…you should take the short trip to Sydney…best NYE in the world..and then you’ve got the harbour to play on/in for the rest of the month

    • I do remember those odd days from Sydney, but because I didn’t have a child then I always used to work through in the Sydney Morning Herald office, because people with kids needed the holidays. In January I used to do a daily column called The Buzz which I so loved doing. I would do some random thing each day and then write about it. The one I particularly remember was taking the train from Town Hall station all the way to ‘Waterfall’ because I always used to stand on the platform and see trains going there and think it sounded so romantic… It was lovely, actually, right down in the National Park.

  2. I adore Christmas, but NYE always makes me feel like I should be doing something wildly exciting, when all I want to do is whatever comes along. This year my little family is staying in, and at my daughters request, closing all the blinds, getting out the treats and having a movie night. Can’t wait till my favourite cafes are open again and life gets back to normal.

  3. if its telecast in the UK as it will be tonight in Aus make sure you tune into the Tony Bennett Lady Gaga concert Maggie…now that will be worth staying home for!

  4. January in Sydney is great-everyone clears out (it’s chaos, end of the world panic buying out there today), but from tomorrow onwards the place should be fairly deserted until after the Australia Day long weekend at the end of the month. Manageable traffic, no queues, lovely weather and, best of all, no school runs/packed lunches etc. We can walk to the beach so don’t have to worry about parking. Bliss. The Lucky Country indeed. Happy New Year Maggie, thanks for all the wonderful reading in 2014 xx

  5. Maggie, you should have caught that train right down the coast. It’s great going through the tunnels, the rainforest, Stanwell Par, watching hang gliders…..the escarpment, Kiama…..
    Anyway, Happy New Year & I’m with you-unless it’s a GREAT invitation, forget it.

  6. ooh that sounds fab, Didi. That train stopped at Waterfall, I just thought it was the most romantic name for the end of the line of a commuter train. The longer journey sounds amazing. I love trains. x

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