Seven Days of Positive – Day 89

In Baking, Cakes, Christmas, homewares on December 16, 2014 at 11:47 pm


Oh the utter ghastliness of the news. I can’t even bring myself to type the words out.

When you think of the awful unavoidable natural disasters that engulf people and plagues like ebola, that’s all bad enough, but when it comes to deliberately created utter misery like this, I don’t know where to put it in my head.

So it seems very important that I show you these.

This actually happened on Saturday, but then I saw the meteors and that was at the top of mind and I forgot to share this.

It kicked off when my reindeer arrived in the post. Six small plastic reindeer I had ordered online to go with the vintage Christmas cake decorations I’d found (see Day 81).

I got down the tin I use for birthday candles, to put them away, and was amazed to find that I already had some old Christmas cake decorations that I’d completely forgotten about. I have absolutely no idea where they came from, which is slightly worrying.

I think they must have been in a bundle of old Christmas decorations I found in a charity shop somewhere, er, sometime. Either that or the elves took pity on me and popped them in there one night while I was sleeping.

I’m beside myself, because now I can create entirely the kind of surreal cake top scene I remember from my childhood. I’ve got six reindeer and six Santas, if you add the new find to this merry band. And a love a bit of plastic holly.


Some of the decorations are French, because the slipper and King are the decorations that go on a 12th night cake. And that’s Saint Nicholas on the donkey.


In no time I found myself lost in playing with them, making little scenes on the work top, just as I did as a child. Then an idea struck me. One of the reindeer – front row, centre – had a different nose from the others, not quite enough paint.

I ran upstairs to find my reddest nail varnish and Peggy did the honours.


Now we have our very own Rudolph.


Or, as we say in this house: ‘Hey, Rudolph!’

Listen to The Temptations’ version of the Christmas song and when you get to about 1:12 you’ll understand why.

  1. This post has cheered me up no end Maggie!

    It has been a dreadful week here in Australia (capped off with further bad news this morning regarding a friend of mine, one of those awful problems where there is no solution..)

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Oh GOOD. That makes me happy xxxxxxxxx sorry about your friend x

  3. Just too cute Maggie… Olly, Molly and Dolly also said to tell you they think Ruddi’s nose is just the right shade of ‘rouge’. Ciao, Robyn

  4. When it seems like awful things continue to happen one after another, and so close to Christmas, I love reading your blog. It is a bright spot in my day and cheers me up no end. The cake decorations are so festive and gorgeous, thank you for sharing that with us!

  5. I hear you Maggie.

    Awesome. Sometimes the little things can be very important. Even in the ghastliness of times (well you’re British, so I’m sure you know the whole ‘pull together and keep up spirits in the Blitz kind of thing)….always makes me think of this artwork by Banksy and the accompanying text about the effect of LIPSTICK (yes, lipstick) on the prisoners in Bergen-Belsen:

    When he fist made the artwork people thought he was being disrespectful, so he added the text to explain it.

    • Wow, that’s extraordinary. And it doesn’t matter how much I read about the Holocaust – and I saw an exhibition about it in Paris when I was 21, which changed my life forever – it never ceases to chill me to my soul. xxx

  6. Well, I almost had tears at that Rudolph of yours. Enjoy that cake!! Now I want decorations and we’re not even having a cake this year (don’t worry – we’re having Finland and Santa instead!!). Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!

  7. That elf that gave you those cake decs was moi! Glad they’re multiplying! Merry merry.

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