Seven Days of Positive – Day 73

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p andre

We are slightly drink ‘n’ blog, so bear with me. Hic.

This has been a very camp day.

This afternoon I picked my daughter up from ballet and on the way home we walked past Iceland.

For those of you not familiar with the UK food retail scene, this is a very specific British supermarket chain, specialising in frozen food. It’s not exactly classy.

As we passed the doors, Peggy and I locked eyes.

‘Shall we go in?’ I said and she nodded.

The reason is I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, which is sponsored by Iceland. (And I’m thrilled to see an Aussie version of the show is debuting on Australian TV next year, hosted by my very dear pal, Julia Morris

The UK version, filmed in Queensland, is our favourite reality show and in every ad break Peter Andre – who became properly famous in the UK after appearing on it in 2004 – waxes lyrical about Iceland snacks.

duck in donuts

Such is the power of advertising, we have become obsessed with ‘Duck-in-Donuts’…. and in we went, convulsed with laughter, and bought them.

We also purchased the Bush Tucker Trials game for her to take to a friend’s house for a sleepover tonight.

bush tucker trials

Oh, how we laughed. It was so much fun and reminded me of the happy larks of my youth.

When we got home, I removed the Duck-in-Donuts from their packaging and submitted them to the 12 minutes at gas mark 6 advised on the packet.

How were they? As delicious as you would imagine tooth-rottingly sweet hoisin duck enrobed by sweet bagel dough to be. Very.

So that was this afternoon. This evening I went first to a surprise birthday party, which was the full shock deal, with my friend Lol, walking into the room to find his whole family and a flock of pals there.

Then I went to my friend Neil Mather’s 50th which was a Studio 54 party. It was just as much fun as that theme implies.

My golden moment was realising I had walked past my adored pal Tony (aka Squaddie Tony, husband of Derek Brown, mentioned last night) without recognising him… because he was wearing: a black satin basque, a black feather boa, large gauge fishnet tights, tiger pring budgie smugglers and leopard print high heels.

He looked faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous.

ballet 2 2132

(Here he is, more normally attired.) What really made his look was that he had all that gear on, plus major eyeliner etc, with his cropped man’s hair do. It was as much Cabaret as Studio 54 and all the better for it.

Another highlight of the evening – apart from Neil’s ENORMOUS (disco) balls – was dancing with a friend of his who is a fully trained ballet dancer person. I wish I could remember his name, he’s from Melbourne. I’ll try and find out and post in future.

My husband has many qualities, but he doesn’t enjoy dancing, so it’s always heaven to be thrown around the floor by someone supremely confident. That chap made me feel like Ginger Rogers.

Now I’ve come home, finished off the remaining Duck-in-Donuts and must go to bed. Double hic.


  1. Your 50th party bash sounds fabulous. It must be the year for 50th birthday parties, I have been to so many this year, including one last night, although no one wearing fishnets, tiger budgie smugglers and leopard print high heels, unfortunately.

    Serious envy about your dancing partner, soo much fun.

  2. Aargh! I’ve not read your blog for ages … Too much work, but have just delved in, couldn’t resist it at 11pm on a Sunday night, then re-read the Iggy post, and the Bowie posts and I got cranky coz the Bowie exhibit won’t ever travel here …

    Thanks! love your work. 😉 Amanda

  3. I’ll start lobbying for the Alexander McQueen exhibition in Sydney. Where do I start ? Powerhouse Museum ?

    • Good place to start, although Melbourne seems to be the gallery which is bringing all the great shows in – they’ve got Gaultier now (DON’T miss it…) and Bowie coming next year.

  4. Although totally unrelated, I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the now-daily blog posts. I don’t always get a chance to read them every day, but do enjoy a catch-up delve through them on the weekend. Cheers

    • Oh THANK YOU Leonie. It’s quite a discipline – and keeps my up late most nights – but I love a challenge and it’s very good for my head to find the beauty in every day, even when some of them have some serious crap elements in them as well… Means a lot x

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