Seven Days of Positive – Day 71

In Actors, books on November 27, 2014 at 11:45 pm


Today was a day of some weirdness. I won’t go into the details because it concerned someone else, not me, but I was trying to help patch it up.

But although it was weird and A&E and the police were both involved it may, oddly, lead to something good. It was shocking, but I have a little shoot of optimism about the outcome.

In other news I woke up to the most wonderful email telling me that my children’s book, Evangeline the Wishkeeper’s Helper – which was shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Award a couple of years ago – is going to be published as a paperback next year.



The first edition was a most glorious hardback and when I heard they weren’t going to reprint it in that form, I thought that it was it for my dear little elephant.

I thought she was going to end up back under the bed talking to dust balls, in book form, just as she was in toy form at the beginning of the story.

I was also pleased to find out it’s available as an ebook, which I hadn’t been aware of. (I’m a moron.)

The other fun thing today was watching Love Actually on the telly with my daughter.

Although I had to quickly fast forward every time it came to a bit about the porno stand-in couple, which I never thought enhanced the film. They should have cut them, they didn’t add anything.

What I didn’t know was that during Hugh Grant’s first entrance – out of the official car, into Downing Street – she was secretly filming me, as I howled like a wolf. Which is what I have to do the first time I see Hugh Grant in any film.

I love him more than I can express with my human tongue and have to resort to my animal totem to get my feelings over.

She put it on Snapchat.


I think I’ve used this on here before, but I don’t care. Some things never get old.

  1. LOVE that clip and agree it does not get old. Have you seen Mickey Blue Eyes? … another
    amusing/entertaining Hugh Grant movie.

  2. Love that movie – it always leaves me feeling uplifted – and Hugh Grant is gorgeous

  3. Hello Maggie, Love all your notes and your articles in the Age on Sunday. Keep up the good work. Just wondering if you may doing more fashion notes like the Style Notes you did at the end of last year.

  4. Oh Maggie! I love that clip of Hugh. I’ll never forget seeing that at the movies for the first time and embarrassing my mother I laughed so hard. I think I cried! Just makes me laugh now thinking about it!

    PS so glad you’ve combined your blogs! Much easier.

    Mel xo

    • Hurrah – so glad you’re happy with the blog combo. I just got a bit lost with this one, I wasn’t sure what it was. Started off as fashion and then got diverted, so I did that very focussed one and then realised that was what I needed to do. A general blog, but DAILY. I really love the daily bloggers I follow, like Liberty London Girl xxx

  5. 1. You obviously put in a major friend effort in the last 24 hours – God love you. 2. I adore HG too and he is totally adorable as PM in LA. 3. I had no idea you had written the little elephant book and so happy for you that she will ride again. Off to Surrey on Sunday!! BX

  6. Such a sombre day here in Oz after the tragic passing of Phil Hughes. The other Hugh’s dance moves helped to brighten the mood a little for a few moments here in the office. Thanks Maggie xx

  7. As in Season’s trends take #2. I will also be looking for your book here in Aust for my little granddaughter.

  8. Excellent, niece’s xmas present solved – Evangeline just the ticket.
    Love Hugh Grant and daily blogging by you.

  9. Oh thank you Claire – that is so kind. I’m glad you like the daily post. It’s a big commitment but a very satisfying way to end each day x

  10. My little Grade Ones are always giving me elephants, courtesy of a recurring joke. So I must buy Evangeline, as I didn’t know such a delightful book existed.

    And Hugh Grant – well. I well remember the massive crush I developed after seeing Four Weddings. I’d seen him in other films – A Handful of Dust (?), but at the time of Four Weddings, I was working for an lookalike equally delicious Englishman. Exquisite torture.

  11. Oh what a lovely connection! Evangeline is a very adorable toy elephant. An illustrator who lives near me painted the picture. I bought it and then couldn’t stop wondering what her story was… where was she going? why were her cheeks pink? In the end the only way to find out was to write the story myself. Your Grade Ones might enjoy it read over a week or so. M x

  12. My favourite moment from Love Actually. Howl away!

  13. Hi Maggie. It’s hilarious you didn’t know Evangeline was an e-book. I downloaded it about 18 months ago when I was having a Maggie-fest whilst doing overnight feeds – I caught up on all your columns (I’d already read all your books) and was so pleased to have one of your books to share with my eldest daughter. I actually remembered, after reading your post, that we hadn’t finished Evangeline, so we’ve started reading it again! I also love that HG clip. xx

  14. I didn’t know about your children’s book so I immediately looked it up to see if there was any available yet and found that there are still some hardcover versions available in Australia. I’ve ordered one from Dymocks and it was also listed at the ABC shop too (just in case anyone is still looking for one). It will be a lovely little Christmas present to me, I love children’s books!

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