Seven Days of Positive – Day 69

In Blogging, Book on November 26, 2014 at 12:16 am


Hello Style Noters – please welcome our new comrades, joining us on here from my Seven Days of Positive blog.

I started that one as an experiment (you can read about it in my previous post on here), but then found I like doing it so much, I’ve now found myself at Day 69, having posted every day (except one).

Even though it’s sometimes pretty mundane, sitting at my computer to reflect for a few minutes, finding the positive things which have happened every day is very good for the soul.

The only problem is that it left me no time to write anything on here, so the time has come to meld the two blogs into one.

Eventually it will all be integrated back into my original website, which is being revamped and revved up, but in the meantime I will post my Seven Days daily report on here.

So Day 69… I saw this dog in the car park at Sainsburys.

Today was Stir Up Tuesday, because I wasn’t organised to do Stir Up Sunday at the weekend, so I caught up this evening.


I called my daughter to come down to help, but she said she had to do Facetime with Grace instead. Grace who she has spent all day at school with.

Made perfect sense to me. When I was a little older (twelve is the new fourteen) I would spend all day at school with my best friend Jane, speak to her for an hour on the phone when I got home and then meet her by the phone box after dinner.

Peggy came down at the last stage to do her stir and make a wish though.

The pudding is now resting in the bowl overnight to be boiled for five hours tomorrow. Then boiled again and not really eaten on Christmas Day, but it doesn’t matter. It still has to be made.


I used a Delia Smith recipe after reading this article in the Telegraph at the weekend. I don’t like the idea of a pale Christmas pudding at all.

Just now I had a Skype call with my publisher in Sydney about my new book. It was all very very exciting. It’s coming out at the end of April and I will soon have a cover I can share.

I’m slightly beside myself.

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering if you’d abandoned us. But here you are which is nice and a positive thing in my day. I kept a travel blog when I was in The Cotswolds and Provence in September. It took up a lot of time so I understand your predicament. Is the other blog still available to read? I sometimes put myself to sleep by listing 5 good things about the day. It works a treat.
    You’ve reminded me about a pale pudding I saw. It might have been a recipe I saw in NZ Cuisine. Can’t remember. I thought from the picture alone it might be a nice idea for an Aussie Christmas. I’ll have to check it out properly now.
    Good news on the book front. I’ll look forward to seeing the cover too.

    • Thanks AnneLouise, it’s been nagging at me for weeks, how moronic to post every day on a site with no one, when I had loads of lovely readers here, so it’s now SORTED. All the posts are still on if you fancy a look, but all the new ones will be on here from now on x

  2. PS It’s a cranberry, almond and orange pudding. It’s featured on the NZ Cuisine home page for any antipodean who might be interested in a lighter offering.

  3. Shame that no-one eats the Christmas pud in your family! My mum’s one is fantastic and I look forward to it every year. Dad makes the brandy butter and we always have creme anglaise. Sure, it might be slight overkill as a dessert on a 32 degree Melbourne Christmas day, but who cares? Mum makes hers in a giant Victorian washbasin – white inside with blue outside and the pudding ingredients always look fabulous when we give it a stir.

  4. Love integration…..let’s hope the stars align and I continue to receive your posts!! Ciao, Robyn

  5. So you have been off counting your blessings? I go off tripping about about return and vaguely think where has Maggie gone?
    Anyway, every night I think thank you, thank you, I have a lovely comfy bed, a roof over my head and I am protected from the weather, how blessed am I?
    Love Xmas pudding my darling deceased nan made the best but no one has the recipe as it was all done on the fly!
    Fabulous news about the book for your and your readers.xx

    • Thanks Claire – I’ll be back every day now. It was a blip, I just had to get my brain in gear about the whole blogging process and needed to strip it down to basics to do that. xxx

  6. Oh Maggie, so exciting you have a date for the books “delivery”. While staying with my lovely friends in Acton – the Delia Smith Christmas cookbook has taken a bit of the pounding. Now there is a wonderful looking CAKE resting in its numerous layers of baking paper/foil and extra cover to prevent 2 very enthusiastic cats from taste testing ahead of time. My dear friend Louise boiled some wonderful fruits and spices in a heavenly cocktail of rums and sherries and then the fruit soaked in that for a whole week before being mixed with all the other necessary ingredients/baking for the cake … the aroma in the kitchen – can’t imagine how good it will taste. Sure you pudding will be mouth-watering too. BXX

  7. So glad to hear you are having a nice time in London now. It was a bit torrid for a while there! You really did the extremes… xxx

  8. New book! New Book! *clasps hands* OH I AM BESIDE MYSELF!

  9. SSQQQQUUUUEEEEEEE! A new book! I’m excited! If we are home for Christmas I make a pudding which my daughter and I lug around to the neighbours so that they can throw a coin in and a make a wish. I feel slightly guilty the years we don’t do it…….

  10. Delicious. I use dried and finely ground seaweed as a Christmas spice.It’s subtly sea scented.I arrived her via the seven days blog 🙂

    • Gosh – how interesting. So pleased to hear you came here via the other blog. it was risky, but I had to do it. Starting the other one cleared my head and I now feel primed to post regularly. Hope we will chat again x

  11. Great to have you back Maggie! I love the ritual of the pudding making – I am doing fruit tonight. It’s a pity our daughter’s aren’t interested though.
    Looking forward to the book.

  12. Sorry I do know how to spell daughters, auto correct too quick on my Mac.

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