Dimly Lit Meals

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I’ve just finished a slice of the dee-lish-us flapjacks I made using some leftover muesli (hadn’t been eaten because it was much too sweet, so ideal for making into free form biscuits), now I can share some great websites and blogs which relate to my current Eat the Pantry project.

Aussie mum Sandra Reynolds quit her job when it got unbearable – and was then faced with the challenge of feeding her family of two teenagers on $120 a fortnight. The result was a brilliant blog, now more of a website, full of tips and ideas – including how to use up store cupboard hoards – which has now resulted in a cook book.

Jack Monroe is the UK equivalent of Sandra – a single mum on benefits she turned the struggle to feed herself and her son wholesome food on a pitiful income into a great blog, full of brilliant ideas.

She’s now something of a media star with a column in the Guardian newspaper and a great cook book.

Jack Monroe

Having a mooch about on my Twitter feed just now (when I should have been writing something else…) I saw that someone had favourited a tweet of mine with the link to yesterday’s post mentioning the need for Uglygram.

I’m happy I stumbled upon it as it led me to the heaven that is Dimly Lit Meals…

With all respect to Dimly Lit, skip the video at the top until later and scroll down to the pictures. It basically is Uglygram (the pic at the top is one of their’s).

Then we mustn’t forget the joy of Martha Stewart’s hilarious Instagram food shots. This is her tempting shot of a bowl of onion soup… yum!

martha stewart instagram

  1. Love it! Dimly Lit is great… 🙂

    I recently read this and marveled that there are people out there who find cooking and food so tedious (!) and expensive (wtf) that they invented a food substitute:

    The inventor claims cheap food (takeaway) is unhealthy. Bullshit. Lentils are cheap. You can buy a head of broccoli and some kidneys for a fraction of the cost of a Macca’s happy meal. I lived on broccoli, cheese, pineapple, kidneys and liver when at uni (covered the food groups) and was never healthier. He claims his creation is “not food”—well sorry it is…you need to GROW canola to get the oil, and catch fish to harvest that fish oil—we cannot separate ourselves from the food chain.

    This lady covers everything I have to say on the matter, only more eloquently:
    I too, follow the “Don’t Eat Shit Diet’, and very economical it is too.

  2. Gorgeous. Love the dimly-lit meals. As far as I’m concerned they’re a welcome break from the over-styled images on many food blogs. I’m thinking how I can incorporate our two cats into my food memoir blog – not cooked of course, but maybe helping themselves to a bit of risotto from our dinner plates … that sort of thing.

  3. Oh, Martha – what a ripper shot! Is that truffle oil artfully sprinked around the edge of the bowl or is it just the usual mess mid meal?

    Dimly lit meals are always the go at our place: solar powered lighting is always that little bit more forgiving.

  4. Thank you for this recent post with references to other thrifty feeders.

    I jumped on the bandwagon as of the 1st of June, not only food wise but household wise too. Having a massive winter (down under) clean out with goods no longer needed or wanted going on eBay. A major de-cluttering and cleansing experience for the family and house! I hope to be finished by Spring!

    Looking forward to your future posts!

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