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In Rock 'n' roll on June 21, 2013 at 2:55 pm


I’ve loved reading about all your shiver songs – and was thrilled to find out that Jimmy Webb wrote the amazing Galveston, as well as Wichita Lineman. Which all makes sense now, as it has the same sketchy outline that tells you so much.

‘I clean my gun…’ What a legend.

But enough of the welling up already. It’s Friday and time to share another of my guilty pleasures. Let’s roooocccccccccccckkkkkk!

I’m absolutely mad about Metallica. Oh yeah. But from what I know of my regular readers, I’m not sure all of you will be fully familiar with these TITANS of heavy metal. Well, let it be my pleasure to introduce you to them – with particular reference to the front man, James Hetfield.

Oh my sweet lord. You like Eric the Vampire? He’s a pussy for James Hetfield. The man is a VIKING of ROCK. The hilarious rock god axe (guitar). The stance. The weird beard. The tats. The shoulders.

But let me say no more. Just watch and marvel. This was a concert they did in Moscow in the early 90s, when it was a very big deal to have American rock legends playing there. This adds another level to my watching joy. The soldiers.

One more thing: please note what James Hetfield and co do with their hair. When I’m very properly drunk at parties I do that (and my neck really hurts the next morning).

Did you enjoy that? No? Well, there’s more to James Hetfield than gloriously crashing guitar played with the legs wide apart (axe clearly balanced on his mighty …).

He has a sensitive side too. Here he is singing their legendary metal ballad, Nothing Else Matters (with the San Fran Symphony Orchestra). It’s a karaoke favourite of mine.

Now tell me – who is your rock god?


  1. David Grohl. Hands down. The man is an absolute musical genius, gorgeous, rocks out like nobody’s business and seems like a really, really nice guy to boot. At the risk of being totally inappropriate, David Grohl makes me want to cry out against the human race’s general belief in monogamy: genes like that should be given every possible opportunity to go forth and conquer.

  2. Wow Maggie – you have us all on a wonderous musical/emotional rollercoaster … Glen Campbell straight onto Metalica!!! Might need a little time to switch gears on this but loving your (musical) work. BX
    PS Did you check out JJJ’s Hottest 100 of all time – some real corkers on that list!!

  3. I do love the documentary made about Metalica some years ago now, “Some Kind of Monster” and how at the start of the film they have a argument and Lars(?) storms out slamming the door. Then they don’t hear from him for weeks because he went to Russia to shoot bears. Contrast this with the end of the film when they are having open conversations and using phrases such as “when you do x, I feel y” just extraordinary

    • oooh haven’t seen that – must seek it out on the wonder that is the interweb x

      • Dear Maggie, Oh, you must see it – a truly fabulous documentary covering the period Metalica enlisted a therapist to help them function well enough to carry on as a group after a very difficult period.
        Its a corker! BX

      • Its the best thing ever! James takes off to rehab at some point and Lars just continues to be a knob as usual banging on as he does.

  4. Have just woken up on a freezing (literally! It’s a whopping 1 degree outside) Hobart Saturday morning, with the prospect of watching 2 soccer games ahead of me. Brrrrr. BUT, I am all warm inside now. Swoon. James Hetfield is a total spunky trousers. (And Enter Sandman is one of my guilty pleasures). I’m going to put on some Metallica now and get the girls all fired up to score a few goals! Thanks so much Maggie x
    Ps – a more modern day crush of mine is the totally delicious Dan Sultan. Heavenly voice. Not too harsh on the eyes either 😉

  5. Haven’t listened much to Metallica, however while listening to Nothing Else Matters, I’m taken back to my youth and how much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Jethro Tull – Ian Anderson’s voice (and his flute); and James Hetfield has a similar voice, (in this clip, anyway). I wonder if he was a fan, too???

    • I’m sure he was influenced. I always thought of Jethro Tull as boys’ music. My brother is still obsessed. The lead guitarist’s brother lives here and is my pal. He is our local shoemender and his shop is called Cobblers to the Old Town. He’s a living national treasure.

  6. My rock god? Has to be Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I recently read his autobiography, it was a brilliant book.

  7. There’s a pantheon, starting with Freddy Mercury….

  8. I love both these Metallica songs, but my favourite Rock God is Chris Cornell from Soundgarden.

  9. Love the hair dancing! I can relate to the resultant neck damage – bouncing up and down throughout the eighties has done permanent (minor) damage to mine.

  10. Ah, two major rock gods for me – and it’s not their bods, their stage presence does it for me. Tex Perkins and Nick Cave. I had the good fortune to see The Cruel Sea doing a one-off last year at the Metro in Sydney – and standing behind me was Dan Sultan. I didn’t know which way to look. Dan has been around for a few years – he was in the film of Bran Nue Day – he reminds me a lot of a young Elvis. Great voice, great bod and stage presence. Worth a look and listen Maggie! He records under his own name.
    Love the head twirling hair effect – I used to get into a bit of that too back in the day! The rock god pose is just great too. Thanks for reminding me how much I love Metallica!

  11. Got to be Dave Grohl, not afraid to take the micky out of himself, dress up as a woman, good hair both long and short, great drummer, guitarist and singer and the best teeth in rock! Saw the Foos in Auckland in Nov 2011 and the gig registered on the Richter scale it was so loud. Had a sore neck ( way too much head banging and definitely out of practice, not like in the late 80s), creaky knees and no voice from all the dancing and loud singing.

    A nod has to go to Queens of the Stone Age lead man Josh Homme as well. Something very brooding about him. Loudest gig ever QOTSA Stratford, London 2000 supporting the Foos.

    Metallica lost it for me after Jason Newsted left. Lars is far too self obsessed and “whiplash” never quite as fast as it used to be.

  12. Love Metallica! Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin was pretty much the original rock god.

  13. I love Metallica too…. but my all time favourite is Sebastian Bach from Skid Row singing “I’ll Remember You”! **Sigh**

  14. Dear Bonita, I heard a couple of JJJ reporters (a guy and a girl) talking about a Dan Sultan performance last year (he was in a group with lots of great Aussie acts – maybe the Paul Kelly tribute shows) the guy asked the girl’s opinion of Dan’s impact on the audience, her response was “I’m sure all the women in the audience (including myself) ovulated simultaneously”. He is wonderfully good looking, so delightful in manner and a truly fabulous performer/singer. B
    PS Maggie I think you might like him too. BX

  15. Jon Bon Jovi anyone???

  16. Well, just had a flashback to flipping my v long hair back and forwards at the 1973 high school dance: to Status Quo, of course. A real precursor to Wayne’s World…

    I was a goody two shoes academic awkward dag with a wild side: it amused/confused my classmatesthat I adored that music vs bubblegum (though I did have a huge thing for David Cassidy in 1971…)

    Another rock god was of course Ozzy Osbourne: in 1972/73, around the same time as I was doing the hair flip, I was also ensconced in the school’d soundproofed music room most lunchtimes. Along with my dear music mates, Linda and Bruce: both sadly passed on. We would turn the lights off and go beserk. Sweet Child in Time and Paranoid were favourites.

    But the best rock gods of that era were Deep Purple. I knew every song from every album. When CDs were invented that was my first band purchase.

    Must say, though, that slightly more modern day, Bruce Springsteen was/is a rock god. His 1985 Born in the USA Wembley concert was 3+ hours of perfection.

    Of course, I would have much more to say if I had actually bothered to turn up and claim my ticket to Live Aid…

    These days I keep discovering amazing musicians, but the long hair and dirty crotch revealing era still gets my blood pumping.My first concert ever at 13 was Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs: truly grungy and truly raw rock. And we mustn’t forget AC/DC’s original singer, Bon Scott. Another pint sized god of rock in the purest sense.

    • I saw the 1985 Bruce Springsteen Tour Sydney show – it was truly amazing and completely unforgettable. I didn’t set out to see it (frankly I considered myself (at 24) a bit too cool for Bruce back then). I had just broken up with my boyfriend and in floods of tears. Friends of mine had tickets and were really looking forward to it, one of them fell ill on the day and there was a spare so they dragged a very unenthusiastic me along – SOOO glad they won me over. I was dumb struck and have been a devoted Bruce fan ever since. Such a gifted performer.

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