I’m gonna pop some tags

In Second hand clothes, Upcycling, Vintage on May 22, 2013 at 11:29 am


My 12 year old friend Emmanuel Moline showed me and Pegs this video when we were in New York at Easter. I BLOODY LOVE IT.

It’s about shopping in thrift stores/op shops/charity shops, whatever you call them round your way, which has been a religion for me since my teens. This is upcycling made ice cool, by a dude called Macklemore (that’s him up top).

It’s got some crude language, so don’t play it if bad words bother you. (They don’t bother me, I’m a big fan of cussing done good…) But this morning we heard it on the radio in a cleaned up version, so you can download that if you’re bovvered.

Wherever you play it, listen up good because the words are hilarious – and the message is so so right.

That’s some cold assed honky.

  1. And so your music education begins (from your daughter and her cohorts. Macklemore is amazing. He has another song which is an earworm, but I will send it to you regardless.

  2. Too funny – you know I love it!

  3. PS, I understand the relevance of Thrift Shop for you, but couldn’t help posting the other one.

  4. The donations would increase if Vinnies used it in their ads…!

  5. I do love this song.

  6. I now question spending $50 on a T-Shirt – which in Australia is very easy to do!! We need Primark.

    • You do not need ghastly Primark! I actually spend a lot more than that on T shirts, buy few and then keep them for years, but I like the idea of young people getting the message about not constantly buying new stuff.

  7. I have a feeling you will love this just as much. Macklemore is fab. The end.

  8. This song was number 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100 this year in Australia, supposedly the world’s largest music poll. A lot of people really like this song.

  9. didn’t understand a word, must be getting old….

  10. This was number 1 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 last year. That’s the top song for the coolest radio station in Oz. Love it. “I’ll wear your grandad’s clothes, I’ll look incredible….” Have been singing that around the house for some while now!!

    • Great to know Trilpe J are still on it… always my favourite station x

      • Dear Maggie, Triple J currently doing Top 100 of the last 20 years and some lucky voter will win a trip to anywhere in the world with a mate to see a show of their choice. I am sure you can listen to Triple J in Britain on the net … perhaps you should vote too? JJJ daily playing reminders of the last 20 years to remind voters of all the great music to ponder – today it was ’93 (took me back no problems!!) BX

  11. Too cute and funny!

  12. Isnt it a great song/clip and SOOO good to jump around to!! definitely gets folks on the dance floor at parties. BX

  13. Hi everyone, some of my favourite clothes are op shop finds, much to my husband’s chagrin, I can never pass one without having a look. Most of my friends are avid op shoppers too. How exciting is it when you find a fantastic bargain for almost nothing.

    • Great for the charity, great for the planet… the only thing it doesn’t boost is ‘growth’ (see my post on consumerism) but they’re going to have to figure that out somehow. It keeps money moving around the economy, even if not to regular retail. Works for me!

  14. Have to share this: darling 15 year old is home this weekend and I just asked her “Have you heard the terrific song “I’m going to pop some tags”? There was a significant pause, then an eye roll with a double twist, augmented by a wry smile; “Oh, Mum, you are SO funny . It’s been around for ages and it’s called “Thrift Shop.” Pardon my ignorance.A minute later she added “And it’s had over 300 million views, so how could you not know the name?”

    Bloody hell.

  15. Fantastic beat!

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