Mary Berry meets Hugh Jackman

In Actors, Men on February 4, 2013 at 10:37 am

Mary and Hugh

One of the things I like best about blogging is the comments. Just like on Twitter, I love chatting to people I haven’t met yet – it’s like being at a global cocktail party – and I really love the great TIPS you give me.

In the past 24 hours Caroline has told me that if you blast your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer before using them, you get a much better curl which lasts longer. In a similar vein, Tracey warned me off having my eyelashes permed, because hers had a ‘weird scrunched’ look after.

Then Lisa told me about this…  Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve show last year with HUGH JACKMAN. Shall I shout that again? HUGH  JACKMAN and Billy Crystal and John Bishop.

This can only be filed in the drawer marked TV Heaven. Look at her in the picture above with her hand on his knee… I didn’t think I could adore her more, but I do now. Here’s the clip.

And then because he is just utter heaven, here is a whole lot more of Hugh on the show. He’s funy too. Oh my LORD.

  1. Totally exactly precisely what I needed on a Monday morning… thanks Maggie!

  2. Too bloody funny – and that is without having ever seen the original cooking show here in Sydney!! ps I love your comments on our comments here, I do feel chuffed that you are reading what I’ve written after such a long time of feeling like I know you via the Good Weekend!!

    • Me too- I religiously read maggie’s column in GW but love the ability to chat on the blog even more! Maggie, how are you going with 5:2- dying for an update. Today was my first fast day of week 3. It’s been the easiest yet but am reading your blog late at night because I’m too hungry to sleep. Extra frustrating because I know I’ll wake up and not be hungry for ages. It’s my weigh in morning so fingers crossed! Either way I’m treating myself to Turkish toast on the way to work. And then to plan how to manage a week on holiday with my in-laws who love to drink lovely champagne and eat yummy food…

      • My fasting experiences are similar to yours. Will blog on it soon… I’m going up to my mum’s for a week and am wondering how I am going to get through a day without her noticing I’m fasting. She won’t ‘approve’… x

  3. A friend of mine always thought that if she met Jennifer Aniston they would be besties I think that of you and I. And not in a creepy way I just think you would be the best fun at a dinner party or over a glass of wine .

    • aw – that is so lovely. When I do book tours I meet such lovely lovely people at them it’s always hard to drag myself away. The publicist usually has to drag me out of the book shop… x

    • missamoo74 you are so right! I attended a book signing last year and afterwards one of my friends asked what Maggie was like in ‘real life’. After about a nanosecond’s consideration I replied, “she would be such fun to have a natter with over a glass of wine”.

  4. GOD I love Hugh. What a hoot. He and Billy Crystal should have an act. Thanks for sharing this Maggie.
    Oh and I’ve bought and tried your extraordinary oil. How extraordinary it is! Big shiny hair AND it smells like cinnamon/apples/toffee – almost want to lick it up…..x

  5. Hugh Jackman smiles and i smile back! So I’m just sitting at my desk grinning back at my computer. Gorgeous gorgeous man.

  6. Me again…. Also have had enough of the regular masterchef….if I see one more cocked up souflee grrr grrrr…….BUT loving professional masterchef here in Australia with the divine Marco Pierre White. He’s still got it (in an older man kind of way…) and is just as sexy as when I met him 17 years ago in London. He lay his hands on my very pregnant tummy (mmmm) and predicted a girl (he was right) On a less pervy note, the cooking is inspiring.

    • I’ve got history with Marco too. He’s a tricky one, but has always been divine to me.

      • I first met him through friends way back when he was married to Lisa Butcher then once or twice while he was married to Matty. Very charming but moody. Seems to have mellowed these days and his oysters with champagne butter sauce tasted in 1994 changed my life!

  7. Oh my GOD, he is divine xx Great share Maggie! Thank you

  8. Maggie, just started to follow your blog. Fan of your columnes from way back Saw that show with Hugh Jackman. Agree he is just the funniest, as well as the most attractive man. He brightens up our lives. And so do you.. Great fun to be getting your latest posts on my email. Joan

  9. Oh Maggie – a million thank yous! Both Graham Norton show clips are absolutely priceless. Thanks for sharing. BX

  10. my word, how utterly fabulous is graham’s shirt in these clips?! thanks for sharing maggie, so much more fun than doing my tax return (that’s what i’m supposed to be doing, somehow your style notes in my inbox have distracted me…..) x

  11. Two Hughs in one week! *sigh*

  12. Wonderful, I’d never heard of Mary Berry before your blog, but now I’m a fan. She’s just divine, very Lady Penelope, I could see her with the Pernod and the long cigarette holder stepping into the Rolls Royce. And I loved the Graham Norton clips of Hugh Jackman, he’s just too good to be true. I think he should be the next James Bond.

    • I think he should have a TV show where he comes on at 7pm every night and just chats to us while we all have a gin and tonic. Or he could just look at us out of the TV screen and not say anything. That would be fine too.

      • LOL! That is a fabulous idea! You don’t know anyone in television that could make this happen???

  13. I love Hugh Jackman because he is so not ‘up himself’ (quaint Australian expression). Has anyone else seen him in “Paperback Hero” from yonks ago? Gorgeous fluffy film with him in all his glory.

    And…where has John Bishop been hiding himself – need more!

  14. 3 things:

    Forget being my Granny, Mary Berry can be my new bff.
    I would marry Hugh like a shot even if his surname were Jass.
    I want some of that Extraordinary Oil so my hair smells like cinmamon toffee apples but as my hair needs less volume, not more, would it be worth it?

  15. Love that expression “Global Cocktail Party”!
    I did see that episode of Graham Norton. I actually can’t remember Mary and Paul (though I now think Paul is gorgeous….those eyes…..he has a bit of a Sean Connery glint to them….) – maybe I missed that bit….or maybe I was distracted by Hugh. He is just so tall, fit and manly in that fitted suit. And dead-set funny. He just seems so nice. Perfect guest for you Global Cocktail Party!! x

  16. *coughs nervously* OK confession time – just watched that again instead of getting on with the kids’ dinner. Anyway, so that we can re-watch for scientific purposes, is that double eye-brow wiggle/raise that Hugh gives to Billy/John an Aussie man thing or do English men do that too? I can’t recall.

  17. Oh I love Hugh. Just another reason to be proud of being Aussie…

  18. Hi Maggie
    Totally off the above subject but was reading through recent posts and thought I would give you a tip re: the hair business. I have also had great results with John Frieda’s Full Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, but I have really upped the volume effect by mixing JF’s Luxurious Volume Shampoo with the Full Repair (about 1/2 and 1/2), and it works a treat. I have also been using the ‘good oil’ that you mention and am very pleased with that as well. I have very fine hair which has diminished over the years due to age and an under active thyroid but have actually been able to get some length into it over the past 12 months.
    BTW – so wonderful to have you back blogging, have missed you. Can’t wait for updates on the diet either.
    Cindy F

    • Love the sound of mixing them as I do sometimes think – what is my main concern today, Mr Fried? Blondness, volume or repair? I’ll have to mix a cocktail…! x (and thanks for kind words – will blog about fasting soon x)

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