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In Designers, Fashion magazines, Men on February 1, 2012 at 10:15 am

Sorry about the technical glitch. I put a post up and then took it down again.

I’m editing my new novel at the moment, a process best described as re-eating your own vomit. I constantly tell myself how lucky I am to make a living writing books – it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was six-years old – but the editing part of it is hard. I have to practically nail myself to my seat to get it done. The temptation to go out and buy paperclips, re-sort my receipts, or do the ironing can be overwhelming. Oh look, the light switches need polishing.

As Flaubert said, sometimes I ‘spend a whole morning putting a comma in – and a whole afternoon taking it out again…’ It’s always fantastically satisfying when it’s done and you know the book is exponentially improved by it, but still… eurgggh.

So this one’s not so much about the words as the pictures.

Here are some videos I’ve enjoyed recently. (And don’t miss darling David at the top there…)

  1. Marvellous! I will be revisiting that David Beckham clip.
    Good luck with editing the book. Promise us you will come to Australia for a promo tour – if you can bear to leave the family for that long. x

  2. My husband is going to get lucky tonight thanks to that DB clip. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

  3. Got to love the Superbowl advert budget. I wonder if George would do an ad for them?

  4. KL’s 1:1 interview is priceless. And the David Beckham video leaves me speechless!! 🙂 I am sold.
    Thanks for the light entertainment!
    Delia – Australia’s #1 style advice site and App.

  5. Dear Maggie, you are the best!
    At times like these, exercise is your good friend?
    … reminds us during difficult periods of the power of breath in, breath out, breath in …
    Waiting patiently (with your other fans) for the new title.

    • Exercise has never been my friend, unfortunately. But I do love my yoga. Had a big breakthrough thought for my book edit lying on the mat on Monday morning… x

  6. Maggie, get someone else to edit your book… a fresh eye. And then keep watching the videos!

  7. Isn’t it fantastic that he’s so comfortable in his (tattooed) skin? Wrinkles, a teeny weeny little paunch, that amazing bod, the secret smile at the end. I can’t wait to see him age gracefully, like Cary Grant, Gregory Peck and Sean Connery. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Just to keep you going, I just finished ‘Handbags & Gladrags’ for about the 10th time – it’s like literary comfort food. Beautifully escapist without requiring a lobotomy! Adore your work and your gorgeous heroines….the horrible edit is worth it, bella. X

    • Thank you SO much. That’s exactly what I write them for. I always say I want my books to be like a big box of gorgeous chocolates, eaten lying on a chaise longue… xxx

  9. Dear Maggie, Yoga can definitely be wonderful exercise! Hope you are getting the chance to practise as often as you like.
    So loved the joy of books and the double Karl interview, both pieces remind me of the wonderful John Waters quote “… if you go home with someone and they don’t have any books, don’t …. them”. Bx
    PS Karl shop just opened here in Bondi!

  10. Oh dear Maggie, just watched Karl interview Karl; priceless!
    Thank you SO much for sharing. I just loved it.
    Still snowing? BX

  11. New. Novel.
    My day made, right there.
    Can’t wait!! Squeeee!

  12. Maggie, This comment is unrelated to the matter in hand but I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you. You once wrote an article for the Times many years ago about the most pleasing ratio for stripes- the correct width between them on fabric for them to be stylish. It really spoke to me and I so wish I had kept it but I didn’t and just wondered if you could e-mail me with your thoughts on this most important topic. Many thanks.

    • Hey Nicky, means a lot that someone still remembers that column! It was so annoying when they got rid of the Weekend section and all of us columnists with it… I do remember that one and I had a very interesting response. Lots of brainy people wrote and told me about the Fibonacci numbers which was an idea worked out by an Italian rennaissance dude. Have a look at the Wiki entry here.

      If I can find that column, I’ll put it up here. xxx

      • Maggie, Thanks so much for responding. I still miss that column and actually wrote to the Times about it as they had the cheek to say that all one’s favourite items still appeared in the new version of the paper, which they clearly did not in my case. Strangely enough your column was not such a deal breaker for my husband so we still get the paper. Anyway I’m not quite clever enough to reconstruct your stripes advice from the Fibonacci sequence information so I hope you can find the original! Even if not thanks for all your tips.

  13. Dear Maggie, where are you?
    Hope all goes well.
    Best regards from Tamarama Beach
    Bernadette X

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