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In Blogging on August 19, 2011 at 10:16 pm

When I started this blog last year, my plan was for it to fill the gap left when my column ended in Good Weekend – hence my promise to post something to arrive every Saturday morning.

I didn’t want to let down the lovely lovely Aussie readers who had been so loyal to me for, gulp, was it really twelve years…?

But now I have a new column, The Rules, every Sunday, in the S section of the Sun Herald and M in the Sunday Age (S and M ha ha ha), that no longer feels so pressing.

And in all honesty, with the deadline for that falling on a Sunday and the deadline for this on a Friday, it was rather squeezing my weekend…

So I hope you won’t mind if I now ease into a more normal blogging pattern of posting whenever something I feel urgently about pops up?

Especially as, starting this Tuesday, I have another weekly column. It’s on a really great website, called High 50, which is specifically targeting my generation of people over that watershed age.

Not the Stannah stair lift demographic so wrongly imagined by most brands trying to talk to us – I walked out of a bank recently, which had an illustration of an old-school granny with a white-hair bun on a leaflet about ‘Accounts for the Over 50s’ – but people who might have been born before 1961, but are still way across life.

People like me, Madonna and Tom Ford, who is 50 next month.

My spot is called Dress De-Code and it will be up on Tuesdays, so please have a look.

And the pictures here are just some random things a woman over 50 likes.


From top: A donkey.

Ignacio Nacho Figueras – Argentinian polo player and Ralph Lauren model.

K Jacques St Tropez sandals.

The Paris Ritz.


Hejira by Joni Mitchell (very hard to choose which one…)

Campari and soda.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Aston Martin DB6 exactly like the one my dad had.

Self-portrait by Egon Schiele.

Mulberries eaten straight from the tree.

Kings of Leon.

  1. very excited to hear about the new column…will you pop the link on twitter each week? x

  2. Great post & collection of pics.
    My oh my-Ignacio Nacho Figueras-what a fine, fine specimen! Thank you for sharing….

  3. Over 50, oh that would be me! Just had a quick peek at that website, looks good. Excellent news about your new spot over there. I have been one of the lucky Aussie readers who have been able to read your columns in S in the Sun Herald, post that other newspaper. I do hope you keep doing the odd post here, as it is so very interesting reading your views and those of your readers.

  4. i’ll follow u anywhere 🙂

  5. Hooray for you, Maggie!
    Your new gigs sound fantastic and it’s about time there was a blog/column for women over 50. it is not such a bad ag, really.
    I just got a new pair of white-framed specs that i have just learned look like Lina Wertmeueller I wish! I try.
    I look forward to reading the new blogs/columns. Will it be easy to access? i want to read every word you write.
    Cheerio to you and congratulations to you!

  6. Me, too!

  7. And a site for us cool over-50’s (just); YAY. I do follow a couple of other blogs – really love Mrs Woog – but sometimes I feel a little distanced as it seems the ones I’ve found so far are written by women who are just a bit younger than me and, as much as I like them and usually get a good laugh – sometimes the sort that has tears running down my face – I can’t always connect. I tried a few ‘menopausal’ blogs but, well, need I say more? I do like the surprise of having a blog pop up in my email unexpected – a bit more true to life – so, go for it, Maggie. BTW, will you still post the weekly column(s) here? I don’t get to read the Sunday papers – or any day other than Saturday – unless I’m having breakfast/lunch in one of the fabulous cafes on Newcastle’s (NSW) cafe strip on Darby St where they are always provided.

  8. Where are the pics of the sandals and the Aston Martin? Love your writing. Good weekend just soesn’t do it for me anymore… When’s your next novel due out?

    • oh blinking HECK WordPress drives me mad. I put the pics in and they don’t appear in the actual post. If it was easier to load the pics I could post a blog much more often, it’s the pics that take so long gggrrrrrrrrrrr. Thanks for letting me know. x

  9. Maggie I love your post! great start for the weekend, In my fourtieees, you still make me laugh out loud 🙂

  10. Hi Maggie. I was scratching my head wondering how you did it all! Good decision to try to streamline your life a little… Just made one like that myself! So I know how good you are feeling right now. And as previously noted, I’ll follow you anywhere!

  11. Thank you Maggie. It was fab of you to do this when the Good Weekend gig went south – regrettably where I live (not on the east coast) the Sunday Age is a bit harder to come by. Anyway, I’m quite certain your priorities should be Peggy, you, and the luckiest Serbian on the planet – so a bit of work life balance,especially on weekends – should be neither here nor there for the readers, and should be paramount for you. Love your work. x

  12. Nice work Maggie, always love reading what you are up to, looking forward to the ’50s column…. So much we could say on that age demographic!

  13. I can’t believe that bank!!! They must have a marketing department full of adultescents (20-somethings) with no idea. Hopefully you weren’t the only one to walk out. I certainly would have and I’m in my forties.
    Reclaim your weekends I say. I agree with Paul, I’d follow you anywhere. And blogging about something you feel urgently about sounds great – maybe some weeks we’ll get more than one post! It was really nice that you eased us through the transition from GW to blog. Now I am totally hooked on your blog of course. Onwards and upwards!

  14. Sort-of on the issue with the bank, but not quite – my parents, who are 75 and 78, were referred to as elderly recently and were quite appalled. They consider themselves to be middle-aged. It’s really all relative, isn’t it?

  15. Dear Maggie
    Never mind the timing as long as they keep coming, I’ll also just follow where you go…

  16. Will definitely check out the new stories! Yes regarding age – it’s all a matter of attitude I guess. My parents who are almost 80 and almost 82 recently returned from a cruise and were appalled that most of the passengers were really “old”! They don’t put themselves in this category which I think is fabulous.

  17. Dear Maggie,
    Thanks for the shout out, will definitely check out the 50 thingemy website, sounds good.
    I’m with Paul … will folIow you anywhere.
    I did the 50 thing last year, and soon to do the 51 thing this year; QUELL HORRRRROR! Luckily in OK health.
    I think its great you blog when the whim takes you; too many deadlines (especially regular ones) must be a complete drag.
    Hope contributing to the new site is lots of fun for you.

  18. Love the bank story – what is it with the ‘over 55’s’ tag – and when will marketersrealise that ‘over 55’s’ are not interested in ‘retirement living’. I saw a bike ride recently for the ‘over 55’s’ and it was 4 kms. (Many of my cycling buddies are over 70 and regularly cycle 60kms!)

    I’ll keep reading you, Maggie, wherever you go……. stay young at heart!

    • Yes there seems to be a real confusion of over 55 – and over 75. Maybe the marketing depts are are all 25??? I’m really excited that we are going to nail it as a team on the new site x

  19. Great news Maggie! At last something for all the invisible 50+ women out there who are most definitely not ready for easyfit polyester dresses & the obligatory white acrylic cardi!

    • That’s it – I can’t believe no one has seen the blaring gap in the market sooner. I’ve been banging on about it for ages so I was so pleased when the editor – an old mate from 25 years back – got in touch. I think it’s going to take off.

  20. Saturday morning has never been the same without you in GW. I still miss you.

  21. I don’t mind when you write as long as you write.

  22. So agree with bagnidilucca! I thought you were very generous with your (self-funded) posts, and glad that you will get the $$$ you deserve …love, always

  23. You can never have too much Maggie. Hope you are also finding time to write a new book, they are all so fantastic to read. Good luck with the new column.

    • You are so nice, sniff sniff, thank you xx Yes am writing a new book, but the long school hols are holding it up. I’ll be back on it with a bullet next week xxx

  24. Just turned 50 on Tuesday and I’m really happy to be part of the club. Thanks Maggie

  25. Happy to read anything you write.

  26. Great news Maggie, I’m one of those GW readers who was distraught not to have my weekly Style Notes but am enjoying the Sunday piece. Have registered to 50 High and am looking forward to a double-dose of your wit and wisdom. Totally understand the pressure of blogging as well. Thanks for years of inspiration Maggie. Donna, in beautiful downtown Annandale, Sydney

  27. well it makes me a bit sad about you not blogging as often but I am happy for your new gigs. I like dahlias too. Please write a new novel asap x

  28. Oh love your insights and a big fan of the GW weekend columns, I’m with the others…will follow just to read and have a laugh.
    BTW, can we get real people,?…middle aged women have the dosh and the experience and humour. Can’t beat that!

  29. Enjoyed your first post for high50, Maggie! Lovely description of all those casually chic and witty beach folk. Wish I was there…

    I’ve been fascinated by the difference in the tones of the comments you receive on your writing online. While comments on your blog are quite chummy and respectful, comments on your article in The Age online can be very forthright,
    bordering on brutal.

  30. (sorry, iPad froze)
    So, for example, the comments about plus-size fashion and Adele were very chatty on your blog, compared with scathing debate about endorsement of obesity in our society in the Age online.

    Have you noticed this difference? Very interesting, I think.

  31. Maggie, I have tried everything to locate your new ”Rules’ articles online, but can’t manage to find them. Is it not possible to read it online? If it is, can you please tell me how to get to it. (sorry if you’ve already done that). I had really come to rely on your regular postings here. I can understand everything you’ve said in this post, but I still desperately hope I can access your writing somehow. (I did manage to get to the 50s site.)

    thanks, Daisy

  32. Maggie, oh Maggie, where are you? I live in Darwin (previously Syndey) and how I miss your weekly column! I used to buy the weeekend SMH despite the $8 price tag here in Darwin (freight excess) for the sole purpose of reading your column. No more GW for me… We don’t tend to get the weekday SMH or Age in Darwin… I loved the phase where you were posting your Fairfax column here a week or so later than publishing in the papers (seems polite after all), but now, nothing! Please would you consider going back to that routine. Oh how I miss you so!

    • Hi Jude, I’m so so sorry, but I’ve just been so busy concentrating on my book – and with two columns to write a week there has just been no time. It’s been doing my head in! The problem is blogs take so long to put up – they are so flipping clunky! But I’m going to start posting the link to my column on the High50 website every week, until I have more time again. Can you not get the Herald Sun – or the Sun Herald in Darwin? I’m hoping normal service will resume, but nothing comes before the book! xxx

  33. I found you, oh sweet relief!!

    I also just read all the above posts… am now feeling bad for being greedy – your other devotees are all right, getting priorites in order is more important than any of this.

    Saying that, am so happy to have discovered your archive (well hidden) in the Sunday Age.

    P.S. My two favourite recent memorable posts were the one about navy blue (my sister and I have loved navy blue forever!) and the one you wrote a while back about the mathematical construction of style. Makes me titter as I get dressed each day!

    Loving your work, always…

  34. Hi Maggie. Loving your articles over at high50 but I’m missing some of them – any chance you could post a link on this blog when there is a new article? That way we wouldn’t miss one and could leave comments here – I’m missing the conversations! (OK, actually, I’m suffering Style Notes Withdrawals, sad but true) 🙂

    • Me too, I was thinking that this morning when I realised that I had missed quite a few………

    • Good call – I was thinking the other day that would be a good way to get over the fact that I don’t have a spare second to blog at the moment. Thanks for th push! And yes, it;s been a year and I;m still missing Style Notes too…. Means a lot that you said that xxx

  35. Yes, I agree! i signed up for High 50 and don’t seem to get them. I do get ads to buy things I can’t buy in the U.S. I miss the regular posts and am not sure how to get them now.
    Just know, Maggie, that I miss your retgualar posts very much.

    • Me too, again! I really miss the weekly installment – no pressure, of course – and I only get High50 sent to my inbox every now and then – I forget about it when I’m not reminded – then I go there and it’s almost impossible to find you! Have you thought about the sort of blog where you just post what you want, when you want and all of your loyal readers will just sign up to follow you? Like Twitter, only better. Oh, go on, pleeeaaasssse…………

      • I hate that I don’t have time to blog properly at the moment, it’s driving me nuts, but I just can’t do it unless it looks OK and it takes so frigging long to do. It’s such a lengthy process uploading the pics and it just isn’t possible for me to do anything that doesn’t look good. The old magazine editor in me will never die – how it looks matters as much as how it reads to me. But I’m going to put the High50 link on every week. xxx

      • Sorry, Maggie – we are such a selfish, hungry lot! Having never written a blog (but read many) I assumed it’s a bit like writing an email – now I know…… Knowing that you’re writing another book – well, that makes up for it a bit (a lot). Note to self: figure out how Twitter works and follow Maggie (properly) AND go to cafe every Sunday and read S and/or M while consuming half-arsed-made cup of stewed and/or over-boiled cup of tea – it doesn’t matter how good the tea is (Toby’s Estate, T2, Q) if it’s not made with the same love and care that the barista makes the coffee, it’s crap – don’t get me started…… PS persevere with The Slap – it’s very aggressively written, but the story is worth it.

      • Ach vey,
        I so agree with that last respondent. We are a selfish bunch and just wnat your time!
        It must be grueling to have to write a new book and I greedily await it.
        Sorry if we all sound so needy.
        We just miss your old bblog and that Hight 50 doesn’t seem to cut it.
        You’re reat, Maggie.

      • Hey Toby, we miss Maggie and we miss you, too xxx

      • Hello Maggie,
        yes, I miss your post. High 50 doesnot seem to work for me. I get too many ads that I can’t even buyhere in the u.s.
        sorry for the bad punctuation. I hope this post will work. I miss your posts so much. It does seem as if I am not alone in the high 50 blog.
        I look forward to your new book and hope it wil be on audio. I think I have memorized allyour other books and love them so much. They make me happpy and this is what we need now. Some happy news.
        Love youl Maggie3 and I will be in England in November

    • Hi Toby
      So sorry I haven’t been on here – I’ve missed chatting to you! Just sooooooooooooooo busy getting my book finished. It’s a really really good idea to put a link to High50 on here, which will help keep this site active. xxx

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