A short word to subscribers

In Ad campaigns, Beauty, Book on May 31, 2011 at 8:48 am

Dear lovely Subscriber people

Thanks so much signing up to get this blog delivered direct, but I’m a bit concerned about how horrid it looks in email form. A copy is always sent to me and I actually opened the email to have a look this morning and was horrified.

I put a lot of effort in making it look nice, but the version that comes in an email looks horrid – doesn’t show videos and doesn’t show the corrections I quite often have to make two seconds after I have hit the ‘Publish’ key. Like the small detail yesterday of spelling Kenickie wrong.

So dear subscribers, to get the full experience of the blog, with all its bells and whistles (which give me grey hairs to put on, it’s such a fiddle faffle…) please click on the link and read it on the actual website, not in the crappy email version, which looks like something sketched out on the back of the envelope.

Now, in other news… I’ve put these images on here not entirely as a gratuitous perve –  although they are by way of a thank you for subscribing – but because I wanted to share them with you.

It’s the Michael Kors spring/summer 2011 campaign and it’s all over the London Underground at the moment. I go up and down on the escalators gazing at. I think the pics – by Mario Testino – are so beautiful, so romantic and so sexy. It’s like a holiday romance caught in amber.

I’d like to think of it as like one of those old photo romance things of one of my books. And if any of you have read Cents and Sensibility, in particular, do you remember the bit where Jay hot wires the Vespa to get them back to the Eden Roc? That picture at the top is pretty much how I pictured it…

Maggie xxx

PS and please tell anyone you think might be interested that they can now read me weekly on here!

  1. I agree…I am always really particular about how it looks and go to great pains… then when the subscription arrives it looks like a hideous mess…

  2. Cents and Sensibility is my favourite of your books. I’ve read it multiple times 🙂

  3. I dont think it looks at all bad Maggie. I love that I can easily access it from my email account on my phone.
    I’ve always read your blog for your clever witty words. And I dont buy any of your novels because of the pretty picture on the front.

  4. Don’t lose sleep, Maggie. I’m sure I’m not the only one who figured out how to get the real thing from the word go

  5. I love the look on the webpage – but as someone who reads my emails on my phone (and whose internet doesn’t work as well as her emails on her phone), it has been lovely to view the full email (with pics) then refer back to your webpage as require. Please keep both! Thanks

  6. Maggie, I always open it on your blog, thanks for the hot pics and uplifting words, I want summer now!

  7. If it’s any consolation Maggie the magic of your words far out-way any visuals that might be added to the post. You are a joy to read, every time………


  8. Dear Maggie, like many others I’m very pleased to have found you on-line.
    Cents and Sensibility is perhaps my favourite of your books. In fact I re-read it during April. I remember where Jay hot wires the Vespa but I’d imagined Stella being a bit better fed than the model in the MK add. Her legs are a bit skinny. This opinion could well be prompted by my current admiration of my own pins. Consistent weight training at the gym has turned scrawny menopausal chicken legs into strong firm thighs which I’m chuffed to bits with.
    I’d like to thank you too. A few years back I requested and you gave permission to publish an article of yours about Barbie in the ABC newsletter. (That’s ABC for Australian Barbie Club – although Mattell won’t let us call ourselves that anymore.) There are about 300 members in our club and we have conventions every two years. I remember you writing once that Barbie was prone to over accessorise. I think is what collectors of vintage (mid 60s) dolls love the most. One vintage outfit even has a hanky inside the purse. It’s a pity I can’t add photos here because I imagine you and others would enjoy seeing some of the beautiful little vintage outfits complete with zippers and silk lining and hats and gloves.

  9. I don’t subscribe but read you in my google reader, which I often use on my mobile. The changes now mean your posts do not display properly.

    I love your posts and I will keep reading but it is no longer convenient.

    • Thanks for letting me know… so it’s better for you if it comes up whole in the email? This is doing my head in! xxx

      • I’m with vicki in that i read it in a feed reader and now it is a condensed version. there might be a setting that you can get it to deliver the full rss feed separate to the email.

        Oh and I am glad to have found your blog, am a long time reader and always found you a kindred style spirit. Cheers

  10. Well, quite honestly I would read your blog if it came scribbled on a matchbox – but a visual treat added to the words is a great combo! Thanks for thinking of us out here in cyberland….

    And yes, Cents and Sensibility is a great book (although in all honesty I imagined myself in the starring role on the Vespa – well, we can all dream can’t we?!). And while we’re about it, I haven’t stopped dreaming about that hunky Joseph Renwick in “How to Break your Own Heart”. He is my current fantasy male and out-hunks Rob Lowe anytime!!
    What a guy!x

  11. Yes, it is much prettier on the web! Worth the little bit of extra time to open. But then, can I wait, when I know your prose is already there, in my email … Yes I can. You take the trouble to accessorise so prettily, I can take a few seconds to appreciate.

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  13. I read in G Reader, which is an Android app version of Google Reader. I get pics, links, etc and am very happy with this.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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