I miss the Royal wedding

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I was just thinking today how much I miss the Royal wedding. Oh what a glorious couple of weeks that was.The anticipation, preparing things for the street party, putting up the bunting, starting my collection of Royal wedding newspaper specials and souvenir editons of Hello! magazine…

Then the amazing perfectness of the actual day.Our wonderful street party, with 78s playing on Don’s wind up gramaphone and the works. Talking to everyone you met about it for days after, even strangers at bus stops. Going down the Mall the day after just to sniff the atmosphere and finding it was still there. Middleton fever. Prince Harry crush. Adding to my collection of Royal wedding newspaper specials and souvenir editions of Hello! magazine…

Now I’ve got it down to two magazines and two newspapers. All the biscuits in the McVities celebratory tin are gone. The only thing that’s still up is my Wills ‘n’ Kate shopper, hanging on a hook on the back door, where I think it might stay forever.

At the start of the week I was feeling a bit flat and after a while I realised that was what it was. The after the party blues. Normal service resumed. The only thing that’s given me a bit of lift since has been the massive amount of publicity Rob Lowe has been doing for his autobiography.

Hubba McHubba.

I’d forgotten how utterly gorgeous he is. And I have to say the mature man is even an improvement on the youth (see below).

Have you seen the Vanity Fair cover? (well, you have now…). And there was another almost as good on the Sunday Times mag last week.


I do admit that I dreamed about him all last night. Not like that – sadly – but he was very much there for the whole thing and it was like watching a rom com with me and him in the starring roles.

Bring it on. When do we start shooting?

Then today I had another filip. I turned on Radio 4 (the UK’s famous talk radio station) while I made my cup of tea before starting work after my morning yoga class, to hear the unmistakeable strains of one of my favourite Velvet Underground tracks: White Light White Heat.

This isn’t a track you hear very often on Radio 4…

Now Friday morning is Desert Island Discs day – a legendary programme that has been going on the BBC since 1942, where celebrities come and explain their choice of the eight ‘discs’ they would take with them to a Desert Island (plus one book, they’re given the Bible and the entire works of Shakespeare), telling their life story through the music.

The minute I heard that track I remembered that this week’s ‘castaway’ (as they are traditionally called…) was non other than the wonderful Debbie Harry.


She chose two other tracks that move me profoundly: Strange Fruit by Nina Simone and the 4th movement of Mahler’s 5th Symphony in B Sharp Minor, which we all know as the amazing music from Death in Venice.

Then she chose my favourite book: War and Peace.

Then she chose exactly the same ‘luxury’ that I have always said I would choose if I was ever on the programme: a never ending supply of paper and writing implements. She chose colours, I wouldn’t care as I long as I could write and draw. She is my soul sister.

If you missed it, here’s a link, although I’m not sure you can do play again outside the UK. You can see her full set list anyway.

So between spending the night with Rob Lowe and having my morning tea with Debbie Harry, what started as a dull week ended on a high note. Which reminded me you don’t need constant high days and holidays to be happy. There’s always something uplifting out there if you keep your radar open to it.

And I don’t miss the Royal wedding any more.

  1. Oh dear! I can’t say I am a Rob Lowe fan as I don’t much follow male actors. But, but, but!
    Debbie Harry has been my own soul sister since I first saw her perform in NYC when I lived there. She was and is, just the best. Ditto to Cyndi Lauper. Whatever happened to Annie Lenos? I used to love her, too.
    I tried to buy Royal Wedding sourvenirs when we were in Bath, but I could not find any! Poor me. I had to buy a lovely skirt from Shoon and made in Denmark. I like that store. Also HAD to buy a faboulous pink leather bag from Radley. Is this not cool in the UK?

    In the states, it is our Memorial Day – a stupid holiday turned commercial. We are doing our bit by going out to a local, mostly, French bistro.

    I shall try and see the beauty of Rob Lowe.

    I like Obama, Did you watch him/ follow his stay in the UK?

    • Yes, Obama was v impressive in the UK. No one comes near him for giving speeches and touching the hearts of real people.

      What moved me most was Michelle addressing girls from a school in a deprived part of London at Oxford. Telling them that they could do anything they wanted… Seeing their young faces gazing up at her in awe, it was really special. I would like to track those girls and see what they all do. I’m sure some of them will do great things as a result.

      Shame about your Royal wedding souvenirs – can’t imagine what they’ve done with them all. I saw Debbi Harry back in the day too – where did you see her and what year? For me it was 1977 at the 100 Club in London… xxx

  2. Boys oh boy, he has aged very well. Is it possible he is even better looking now? And funny and self deprecating to boot!

  3. He was just so handsome wasn’t he, that Rob Lowe.. but he got too caught up in his own fabulousness and we all know what happened next. But I think he’s bounced back and he is still eye wateringly good looking. I’m always fascinated by his spectacular fall from grace, and the fact that he really didn’t bounce back the way others have done. I’ll look forward to his autobiography. And thank you Maggie for posting those images… a pleasant start to my Saturday morning.

  4. Hubba McHubba indeed – have always been a total fan of Mr Lowe, even more so when he grew up. I was thrilled to follow him in West Wing and Brothers & Sisters – he always leaves before the show winds up and of course leaves you wanting more!! I am now in search of that Vanity Fair to file away for secret peeks!!

    Debbie Harry is the coolest girl in the world

    • COnfession: I’ve never watched either show. Might be time to catch up on my pop culture…. x

      • omg u have to watch west wing, i get my political information from the view so i thought it might be a bit too intense for me, but nooo. its the best, and rob is in it from the start so if u don’t have to watch it for ages to get to him 😛
        or just rent waynes world, thats the first time i saw him.
        best part of high school was when we had to watch “the outsiders” and you see him in a towel…most awesome english class ever.

  5. My word, Hubba McHubba is right! Have loved the gorgeous Mr Lowe since I was about 14 and, apart from ‘that’ episode with the video camera, it has been a long and unabashed loving. He’s just so pretty. And he has such a nice laugh which is always a bonus in a man you choose to love from afar.

  6. The excerpts from RL’s autobiography in Vanity Fair were actually really good – especially the one about Matt Dillon picking up girls in the hotel lobby! – definitely have to buy the book!

  7. Re Desert Island Discs. You can get these as podcasts thru Itunes. An archive version has been released which I downloaded and I now have 500 episodes in my library!

  8. Very cool post – Royal Wedding, Rob Lowe & Deborah Harry.
    Apart from the extraordinary writing & the glorious Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe was the best thing on The West Wing. To follow up on my tweet, Deborah Harry & Chrissie Hynde were aamaaazing at The Enmore. Went with my 23yo & 21yo who were blown away by both. And gobsmacked by the display of very bad 8o’s dancing from the more mature audience members!Chrissie Hynde was pure rock chick in skinny jeans & Deborah Harry was a Punk Goddess in Black Tutu and sunnies. And both can still perform with all the charisma & fabulousness I remember from 30 years ago! (Obviously, I was a mere child.) Gaga who?

    • Like I said, I SO wish I could have been there. I saw Debbie Harry with Blondie at the 100 Club in 1976 which was pretty flipping amazing. She had a stripey mini dress on and was just so gorgeous. I was right at the front. Those were the days… I never saw The Pretenders but they have been one of my fave bands since uni days.

  9. Maggie. You are a gem. Rob Lowe: hot, hot & hotter now. Autobiography just arrived in the mail via book depository. Gonna curl up and read on the couch.
    From an Aussie fan.

  10. hes so beautiful! he is how i always thought that Ken would look if he was a real person.
    zac efron is a bit rob lowe-ish…

    • This made me SHOUT with laughter. Zac is another of my crushes., but he doesn’t have that killing hint of vulnerability which is what I think makes RL so devestatingly attractive. 17 Again is one of the best films ever made IMHO.

      • omg yes i do own 17 again on dvd!!! and yes i do have a zac efron calendar in my bedroom 😛
        and re: men in makeup, i think Zac gets a bit of eyelash treatment happening. maybe clear mascara, maybe just vaseline, either way im not complaining…

  11. Oh my lord. Rob Lowe is a special type of something.

  12. Oh my! That man leaves me breathless – he just gets better and better as he matures. Currently enjoying reruns of West Wing on DVD. Mr Lowe on hand whenever I like. Yummy!

  13. I must agree. Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborne in the West Wing was too fab. The most to die for man. Waiting on delivery of bio from book depository also.

  14. Yup, Rob Lowe is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous men on earth … I’ve always thought so, and this just confirms it.

  15. You like “War and Peace”? All four door stoppers? Please tell me that you at least skip the descriptions of the war battles?

  16. I remember as a 13 year old I wanted to look like Debbie Harry, I used to practise her sexy pout in the bathroom mirror! LOL!

    If I could live in any place in any period in history it would be New York in the 1970’s, I’d be hanging out at CBGB’s, Blondie, the Ramone, Patty Smith…what a cool period in music history…

  17. Dear Maggie,
    Who didn’t have a crush on Rob?
    Internet disaster weekend here but now have excellent new email account and address.
    If you have sent anything to me over the last 48 hours I have to ask
    you to kindly resend via contact page in site or this new email address. Apologies but previous account is frozen and I cannot access it at all. Mega pain!
    Many thanks and regards,
    Bernadette Green
    Bernadette Green

  18. Well, still not a R Lowe fan, but love your comments, It msut have been CBGs In NYc qhen I first saw Blondie I am so old now that I am not sure. i recall dancing my harts ofs.
    Glad to hear about the OBAMAS in the UK, If my eyes were betyter, I would write more. Have I said how much I koved being in Bath?????
    So sorry fo r the typos, It sucks being mostly blind.
    Do you like Sue Townsend? I have read all her boosks/. Long live Adrian Mole!
    I reread your Aussie boosk Pants on Fire.
    Wtire more that wil become audio books, please

  19. It was during a particularly low point in my life last year that I made a decision to start paying attention to the small things in life that make me smile. Things just like Rob Lowe (yummy) on the cover of a magazine or a favourite song on the radio. It has been a powerful force for general happiness in my life.

    The royal wedding was great, but today my fleecy lined stockings are making me absolutely happy too!

  20. St Elmo’s Fire. Swoon swoon swoon. I had pictures of Rob Lowe plastered all over my teenage bedroom walls. Mostly torn out of Dolly magazine. Could I blow up that Vanity Fair cover and stick it on my current bedroom wall? Would hubby mind? Would hubby notice?!

  21. PS Ok, I’m embarrassed to admit this but I just blew the Vanity Fair cover up for a perve (only on screen, truly) and noticed one of the smaller headlines : “Here comes Princess Diana 2.0. Palace Insiders on the Royal Wedding”. Princess Diana 2.0??? What hope does Kate have to escape Diana’s ghost? Lord I hope she does (and escape her fate for that matter). There was massive coverage here in Oz of Kate’s meeting with the Obama’s at Buck Palace centered on how thin she looked. I shuddered with deja vu.

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