The rending of cloth

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I have to share this with you. Go to the point 2.08 minutes into this clip of the Greek entry  for Eurovision and tell me it isn’t INCREDIBLY SEXY.

Yes yes I know Eurovision is totally naff (that’s why I love it…), but when I saw Loucas Yorkas in the semi-finals last night it sparked an instant lust crush.

It’s the moment where he is so impassioned by what ever deep and meaningful Greeky words he is singing he has to REND HIS CLOTH in the most attractive manner. He doesn’t just undo his jacket, he ravishes it. Get this restricting cloth away from my pounding Greek heart!

I swooned and have watched it many times on YouTube since.

Later in the clip there is another marvellous bit where the chaps doing the thrilling macho Greek dancing around him tear off their jackets and just throw them in the air.

It’s as though they’re saying: get this mere garment away from me, I am a man in a fury of passion.

I’m also very impressed with the way Loucas stands, with his long legs in a wide-spaced manly stance, as though he has to hold himself firm, while being swept by the storms of fate. It’s all terribly Homeric.

There’s a grandeur to their gestures I find terrifically affecting. It feels like something that has been lost in a world where love affairs are conducted via text message and I’m hoping Loucas and his patriotii will help to bring it back.

Zorba lives! And Shirley Valentine knew what she was on to.

  1. so sexual. so intense. i died too.

    • I want to run away to Greece and have a hot affair. As I am 51 and happily married (to a hot Serb) this won’t happen but the IDEA Of it will get me through the next week… x

  2. Maggie, i am so glad you posted this! I was so distracted by the appalling rap / talking by the back up guy i missed the “get this restrictive clothing away from my hot chest” moment. I did enjoy the fusion of the the modern / traditional Greek dancing and when the rest of the guys tossed their jackets in into the air i felt myself go into a delicious swoon.

    • SO glad it’s not just me!!!! They are really onto something and altho the rap is utter crap it sorts of points up how cool that the rest of it is TRAD Greek singing and dancing made COOL and modern. Exactly what Eurovision should be. Bloody genius.

  3. Phew – for the first 30 seconds I thought it was the rapper who you were talking about and I thought you had gone completely BONKERS!
    But Loukas is definitely a Mills and Boon hero!

  4. Just watched this and Mr 7 and Mr 3 climbed up on the table to dance! Love it! x

  5. SO gorgeous that I can forgive the white sneakers with suits!! Loved your purple prose too. Am off to throw some plates.

  6. Was expecting to see him tear his shirt, so was disappointed in the end. But I think all Eurovision songs are sexier when they are in their own language (even though some of the EFL lyrics are endearing) and work the stereotypes wittily.

  7. Very nice – thank you for sharing. You might like to see the beautiful boy I photograped in Florence yesterday. I thought he needed to be shared as well.

    • Nice work Agent Bagnidilucca (what does that mean BTW?) x

      • Bagni di Lucca is the lovely vilage near Lucca where I spend several months a year. Bagni means baths. It was/is a spa town where people would come to take the waters. Napoleon’s sister was a fan and her personal steam grotto is still in use.

  8. I just read your bitchfest in the Sunday Age – so this gorgeous young woman:

    is the subject of your vacuous ire. She looks fabulous, and is smilling, not grinning. How about laying off the “alien mini-monk” nastiness. As a rather senior woman in years (judging from your profile pic) you really should learn to support women rather than put them down.

    • Hi Lucy, I wasn’t criticising the woman – I was criticising the dress. She is gorgeous and – in my opinion – deserves something better. x

  9. High fives Maggie – oh yes, the Greek God caught my eye last night too!

    We have a Eurovision party every year, sooo much fun!

  10. oh lord, my blood pressure was up before the first chorus.. and just think! I have a weeks holiday next month in Naxos.

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