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In Book, Hats on May 2, 2011 at 7:32 pm

I’ve held back from sharing this news while there was all that other stuff going on… wasn’t there some kind of wedding?

Anyway, I’ve got a new book out – hurrah! And you may notice it has the same name as this blog. That’s because it’s a collection of the column of the same name I did for 12 years for Good Weekend magazine.

This is the third collection of them in book form, so it would be from the last four years or so.

I’m afraid it’s only available in Australia, from the very wonderful Penguin books.

I will put a taster of it on here shortly (just checking the rights issue… it’s all a bit blurry in this brave new world of electronic/paper publishing), meanwhile here is a taste of the illos, also by me.

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could draw! Fabulous illos.

  2. Oh, I so love the hats! And, to learn that you are also an artist! How fab is that?
    Now, if the book is only available in Australia, what are the chances someone lusting for it (moi) could get an audio version???????????????????????????
    I do think publishers should consider those of us vision impaired who also read/listen and want to read you!

  3. HURRAH….YAY YAY YAY YAY….cheering, exctitement, happiness.

  4. Well, hats off to you again! Not only do you write the wittiest prose, you also draw! Love the look of it.
    It’s currently atop my wish list. Now here’s the thing: how to get my sweating palms on a copy when I don’t live in Australia?

  5. Congratulations..sure to find some of favourites in there. Great illustrations as well.

  6. Great! Have loved reading all the others and been keenly waiting for a new one. They are terribly popular in the library where I work!

  7. So, so excited, Maggie. Love – and have – every book you’ve published.

  8. You are so lucky to have all of Maggie’s books. If you live in the U.S. and need audible, it is tough.
    Publishers should get with it!

  9. I’ll be back in Australia from Italy soon and I will buy it immediately to go with all of your other books.

  10. Congratulations, Maggie! Isn’t the publishing world changing. Same as the music industry has been through such a major transformation over the last few years. Art is next. Not sure how they will work that one yet but it will happen. Nothing is sacred.

  11. Already got it! Saw it in the bookshop (Folio Books in Brisbane) and purchased it immediately. Looking forward to a good read and some laugh out loud moments. Aren’t you the clever one being able to draw, also.

  12. Oh the drawings are gorgeous!!!
    Cannot wait to add this to my collection!

  13. Ooooh, goody! Another reason to be glad I live in the Antipodes! Aren’t you clever? Charming illustrations! 🙂

  14. From what I can see online, your illustrations are magical Whimsical. They remind me of French scarves and also of the covers (U.S> editions no doubt ) of the books by Diane Johnson. She wrote :’Affaire, L’Marriage and so one. Witty, witty covers and not bad books either.

  15. Those drawings are fabulous! You are so talented. But please stop. It makes the rest of us feel inadequate when you’re brilliant at so many things 🙂

  16. Mwah! big kisses to the lovely Brit who sent me the link to making Earl Gray tea cupcakes@ I love this? Who would ever think a Maggie Alderson blog would yield a recipe exchange? Love it and thank you so much. I can’t wait to make them and pretend I am across the pond. But wait! I will be! Next Monday this time, we’ll be flying to London. I may emerge squeezed flat. Good! Good ole Virgin Atlantic el cheapo flights. I don’t really mind. More sad america dollars to spend in Bath and duty free shops.

  17. Ooh Maggie darling, this is simply wonderful news – hurrah indeed!! Though I’m mighty upset we can’t buy copies on this side of the world.

    Also, I absolutely love the cover illustrations (and that dashing bowler hat) – who was the artist?

    Briony xx

  18. I love the 50’s frock and would love to have it which makes me want to have the book too! Which I will. And so will some of my luckier friends, as presents. Thank you.

  19. Sooooooo Excited…. Just finished “Shall We Dance” last week and it was one of your best. This is great news.
    And… you did the illustrations. F.A.B. !

  20. Ooooh-just updated my mothers day present request with this one. Can’t wait. Congratulations!

  21. Love the cover Maggie! Congrats on your new book.. can’t wait to buy it!

  22. Dear lovely people – there have been some enquiries about buying the book outside Australia.

    It seems quite a few Aussie book stores – on line and actual – shop overseas, so try a Google.

    One I know for sure doe sit is Booktopia.

    Here is their link

    Maggie xxx

    • Dymocks also ship internationally. Hideously expensive shipping though. $50-$60 (AUD) to US and UK. Why do most websites that ship overseas insist on using couriers rather than ordinary post? (This is a rhetorical question from one who would like to buy more online with my strong Aussie $$$)

  23. OOOh. Looks like a trip to my bookshop is in order!

  24. Can’t wait to read it! Would love to do a Stylish Thoughts profile of you on my blog – will include a link to your new book – I just send you some questions, you answer 5 to 10 of them (your choice) and any pics you’d like included.

    Let me know!



  25. How exciting! I so miss your column in the GW… was my Saturday saviour. Will be sourcing your new book soonest to add to my collection of your novels…. will have to hunt down the earlier versions of your columns to books!

    • ah you lovely woman – I miss it too! You know if you subscribe to this it lands in your inbox every Saturday, just like the paper? (but free…)

  26. Very exciting!!!
    Is it avaiable on iTunes Maggie for the iPad nerds like me?!

  27. I am just weighing in with the iTunes listener. That would be great because then I could listen to it. Why oh why is it so complicated? I can’t download some books on Whole Story because I live here. Not fair! Tell your publishers we want you on audible downloads!
    I need you!

  28. Thanks Maggie – am subscribed and love my Saturday morn email,,

  29. Yay, Maggie’s got a new book and I’m off to buy it! I finished “Shall we Dance” a few weeks ago and was suffering withdrawals…

  30. Hello, I am trying to get in contact with the owner of this website for permission to reproduce a photo of some ‘Teddy Boys’. It will be used in a book on Portobello Road, being writen by Alan Carter. Is there an email or other that I can contact you on? Leisa-

    • I found those pictures on the internet and credited the photographer – Ben Watts. You can go to his website and ask for permission from him. Sounds like a fun book – I spent most of my youth in Portobello Road…

  31. Hi Maggie,

    This ties together hats and also your story on Foldies/Boldies. I fell across this blog and thought you might like it. The hats, oh the hats she has.

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