Bring. It. On.

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Bunting? Check. Cup cakes? Check. Pimms? Check. Five females of immediate family? Check. Gay BFF? Check. . Mad hat? Check. OK… BRING IT ON.

I’m posting this a day early because I’m in a Royal Wedding Frenzy. To the point where one of my nieces asked me tonight if I’ve taken out shares in the Union Jack…

Apologies to all my Republican Aussie pals and readers, I do understand how you must feel. When I’m holding my Australian passport, I’m a Republican too. But when I’m holding my British one, I’m a committed monarchist.

I know all the arguments against it and I know it’s a ridiculous anachronism, but to me, it’s such a part of the rich fabric of Britain, the country would be a shell without it.

And on a completely unintellectual level, I just love the pomp and ceremony of it all. The Household Cavalry, in particular, make me swoon. I remember once just coming across a company of them trotting down the Mall one spring morning and bursting into tears. I know it’s pathetic, but if you get it – you’ll understand.

I also think Prince William is a diamond geezer. He has all his mother’s best qualities, combined with his father’s sense of duty and it’s a winning mix. He cuts a dashing figure and he’s made a perfect wife choice in normal – if ultra gorgeous – middle class Ms Middleton.

And of course the fact that she did the same degree as me, at the same university makes me feel a little bit connected. We actually have mutuals… My lovely professor will probably be there at the Abbey. I’m going to look out for her when I’m five centimetres from my TV screen tomorrow morning.

I’ll be wearing my fabulous new/vintage hat, surrounded by my adored girly rels (and my gayer), with a glass of buck’s fizz in my hand and a street party to look forward to in the afternoon. It’s pure romance, escapism, celebration – what we all need when there’s so much crap going on in the world. I know it’s bread and circuses and I don’t care.

As well as my drink, I’ll be holding a notebook (I’ve been a journalist a long time, it’s something you learn…), as I’m reporting on it for the Sunday Age and the Sun Herald, dissecting what the guests are wearing and, of course, THAT dress.

Oh, I can hardly wait…

  1. I couldn’t agree more! A committed Republican I may be but I love all the monarchy’s tradition stretching back for a thousand years or more. And who doesn’t love to see a lovely young couple tie the knot. I hope love can conquer all this time (I’m also a committed Romantic, sad but true). Rule Britannia I say (today anyway). Wish I was there. I’m letting my 5 year old stay up to watch it, she’s very excited to see how someone becomes a princess – we are deep in the princess phase. Enjoy!

  2. Great post..couldn’t agree more. A work colleague and I have organised a high tea for ‘lunch’ sausage rolls, jelly cakes, chicken sandwiches, pink bubbles, Earl Grey tea, etc. etc.
    I will certainly be glued to my new flat screen TV tonight (maybe I bought it just for the occassion – but not admitting to that). Have a lovely day and I look forward to your post-wedding blogging.

  3. My Republican husband is a conscientious objector to all this but I’m taking the pop culture approach. On a whim, I’ve let each of my daughters invite a friend over and they are raiding the dressups to become princesses. I’ve bought plastic tiaras for us all to wear (not husband!). Girls will feast on chocolate frogs (kiss a frog…), Chocolate Royal biscuits (you probably don’t have them in the UK), sushi and lemonade in champagne flutes. I’m excited to share it with my daughters as I so well remember watching Diana’s wedding with my Mum (embarrassed to confess we had the Herald-Sun lift out engagement pictures of Chuck and Di plastered all over the family room walls!)

  4. Oh me too, I’m Aussie thru and thru but did the 2yr working visa trip and I miss the pomp and tradition too. There’s no way my eyes would be dry either, so jealous ur there to report it, looking forward to your post review on that dress too!9

  5. Chreers 😉

  6. Yes, yes, I am all for love. Loved Elton John comments being interviewed by Barbara Walters re: Royal wedding.
    Teen daughters and good self will be watching for ‘the dress’…now inspired to go out and get a few nibbles and bubbly.

  7. Oh, I love this column, Ms. Maggie! I am on the other side of the pond, buty can’t wait to wake up and absorb. I have my black silk pajamas ready (early here) and maybe some champagne.
    You are so right. I love receiving your columns! Makes my day and night and beyond. Thank you! I wish I could be there with you!

  8. Will be glued to the television too – wearing my tiara (and ugg boots just to keep it real), sipping my bubbly and eating my sausage rolls. Makes me proud to be an expat Pom (with my Aussie passport in my pocket!)

    Great column

  9. I’m a Republican, however I will be raising a glass this afternoon and watching wedding coverage here in WA. We have a small gathering, I have mAde tiara biscuits for the children, Earl grey cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches for the adults. Lashings of champagne.
    Whilst I believe Australia should be a Republic, it doesn’t detract from enjoying the pomp and ceremony of a big British royal event and the celebrity-perve factor of the wedding (the hats, the outfits and of course, the bride!)

  10. Right on, Magnificent Maggie. I haven’t missed a wedded since Anne and Mark Philips – remember her sleeves? I’ve got the dips, the cheese and crackers and the champers in the fridge. That said, I think Windsor has lucked out with Catherine – she’ll raise the bar a few notches. PS I cried in London when I saw my first black cab. Partly this is about affection and admiration for Ol Blighty.

  11. Maggie, 9 million/10 excited here in Brisvegas about the wedding. We’re having a Royal Wedding Dinner party (girls and gays) and I’m actioning Coronation chicken, salads and Eton Mess and we are also having lots and lots of champagne. Maybe Lanson. I’ll wear a hat I think xxx

  12. I’m a republican from the antipodes but I am hosting a massive party at my house. The house is already decked in red and blue streamers with red, white and blue serviettes arranged in fans. I’m providing coronation chicken, cheese and leek vol-au-vonts (in reference to Wales where they live) and a chocolate crunch cake which is apparently one of the wedding cakes. Other guests are bringing a variety of royal foods. We will drink Kir Royale and Pimms with lemonade.

    My guests are getting dressed up. Several will wear their wedding dresses, others will be in formal outfits with bling.

    I will be wearing a very glam long blue dress, with much bling including an incredible tiara I got in Vietnam (the home of all things bling) and my Diana ring.

    The tiara is getting a workout today as my mother has organised a special luncheon at the nursing home she volunteers at. All the residents are getting dressed up and all the families are contributing plates of food. Mum has also made a bunch of extra crowns from gold cardboard and even a mitre for the chaplin to wear.

    Personally I think after a year of such dire news, it is fantastic to have some froth and bubble for a little while. I’m just loving the fairytale of it all.

  13. I am planning Champagne, and a sit in on the lounge with my 6 year old daughter who was moved to tears last night watching “The Windsor Dynasty” because Princess Diana died.
    It’s nice to have a distraction in an otherwise difficult world, and I love a good frock.
    We wish them all the best and look forward to tonight. WOOHOO

  14. Have fun Maggie.I’m dodging the girls for a quiet night in with my daughter. I can’t leave her alone with the boys and the rugby.I also remember watching Diana’s wedding with my Mum.
    On another matter, I was talking to a weebirdy the other day and your ears may have been burning. Wee Birdy and I shared a nest a long time ago…..

  15. I am so with you on the wedding front. The girls and I are having a Pyjamas and Tiaras party to celebrate with princess themed cupcakes and plenty of champagne. Interestingly all 4 stores I went to today to buy a tiara had sold out! It seems we’re all a bit over-excited…

  16. I can’t wait to get home from work so I can turn on the ABC! Bought a bottle of plonk during my arvo break! The excitement is building Maggie – what will the dress look like?, will she wear a tiara?, will bride & groom kiss on the balcony?, so many questions!

    Yes I have a soft spot for the Royal family, used to cut out pics of the Queen when I was little – I would paste them in a scrapbook!

  17. Oh oh oh oh … I so loved every single aspect of the Royal Wedding. The hats! The hats! As a hat collector and daily hat wearer, well, I was in nirvana.
    This was just trhe special day and I was fortunate to get live coverage from the Uk and not have to rely on horrid american coverage.
    Beautiful and just so amazingly well done. What a day!
    Those hats! I also loved the green trees in teh Abbey. Did the Arch Bishop have voice lessones? What a voide!

  18. The dress was perfect and I enjoyed every minute of it far more than I thought I would. But then I just love weddings, so really something dreadful would have had to happen to spoil the day for me.
    I too loved Wetminster Abbey and the trees- have you seen the footage of the clergyman doing cartwheels down the aisle?

  19. Oh how patriotic I felt – even though I was watching it in a Victorian seaside country pub where the footy was competing loudly with the wedding. A couple of blokes came out to have a look and said to their mullet kids “mate – she looks HOT!” about Kate as she walked down the aisle. I wore a Ben Sherman union jack tee shirt under my hoodie!

    • On yer girlfriend… I overheard my husband chatting a male neighbour this morning – what aspect were they dissecting? Yes, the maid of honour….

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