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I’m posting this explanation now as a safety net, while I have an internet connection for the duration of this train journey (one hour fifteen minutes – lucky I can type fast).T

This is the thing: I’ve had to come up to mum’s to look after her. She fell over in the garden trying to deadhead a bastard dandelion and cracked her head open on the metal post of the washing line.

She also broke her wrist and has a plaster cast on it, roughly the weight of a full bottle of Bollinger.

When you are 89, live alone and are in quite frail health anyway, this is a crisis. Mind you not being able to make a cup of tea and take off your dressing gown unaided would be a crisis for any of us.

So I’m up at my mum’s where the internet is that annoying thing they keep making references to on the wireless. I can’t blog from my iPhone, or my Kindle (although I did try) and my dongle doesn’t work at her house. And internet cafes no longer exist. I found that in New York two years ago.

I had to pop down to London for a meeting this morning, hence this brief spell of patchy connection (at a cost of £8 on top of the fare of £120, for a torturously slow link, thank you Mr Branson, you may now buy another island).

I have Saturday’s blog all picture researched and ready to go, but if I can’t get online back at my mum’s this afternoon with the new dongle I’ve just bought, I won’t be able to post it until I’m home on Saturday night. Sigh…

So please bear with me. Normal service will resume shortly – and the picture above is a hint at what’s in store.

And as, if you are reading this, you have a fully functioning internet connection, may I suggest you go to Google and type in the words ‘Mercury retrograde’.

Thank you xxx

  1. I do hope your mother is feeling better soon. Best wishes from Melbourne.

  2. dont worry Ms Alderson…you are always worth the wait!

  3. Hope your mum is on the mend. Best wishes from the cloudy midland skies! xxx

  4. Oh and being a Virgo, I know all about mercury and it’s retrograde shenannigins!
    Onward and upwards!x

  5. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery xxx

  6. Oh poor you on a number of fronts… And your poor mother too… She is probably so miserable – and You are a saint for going to care for her. Here’s hoping You both find a way through this together. (reading your posts in glorious autumnal Melbourne)

  7. I hope you’re mum is recovering, she’s lucky to have you nearby. Don’t worry about us for goodness’ sake! We’ll still be here when you get back x

  8. Ah Maggie,
    Only you would have the comedy and grace to compare the weight of your mother’s cast to a bottle of Bollinger 😉

    Thinking of you and your mum, these things can really knock us around when we are elderly.


  9. Hope your mum gets better soon Maggie.. good that you could go and look after her, even after spending that whopping amount of money on train fare.. eek! All the best x

  10. Best wishes from Merewether for your Mum’s speedy recovery. I’ll still be here awaiting my next delivery of fashion wit…so take your time, care for yourselves, and see you soon.

  11. sending cyber love to your mum…..

  12. I hope your Mum is doing ok. Love and Hugs to you both. A lot of cafes have WiFi free when you get a coffee or lunch.

    Enjoy your time with your Mum. XX

  13. Ouch, your poor mum what rotten luck, hope she is feeling better soon. Hope you are ok too. x

  14. Maggie just enjoy your darling mum and have a techno free time – its good for the soul

  15. Those dandelions can be deadly. Hope your Mum is recovering well.

  16. I hope your Mum is better soon.

  17. Trust the dressing gown is off and the tea is flowing now you are on the job, Maggie. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery.

  18. Hope you at least enjoy a nice cuppa together
    Love your priorities

  19. Hey don’t worry, just enjoy the time with your Mum, it is so precious.

  20. Hope Peggy Snr is On The Mend. I’ve been at the Beach tripping the Light Fantastic with the Family with No (crosses self) ‘net or ‘puter at all. I know. Through the Looking Glass. May I suggest you give Maggie Snr some champagne and scent? so cheering when one is Infirm. xx

  21. Ohh that’s terrible. I hope your mum recovers speedily.

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