More Foldies (Fabulous Oldies)

In Jewellery, Older women on March 23, 2011 at 6:34 pm

This is so brilliant, I had to do a mini-mid-week extra to share it with you. And massive thanks to the fabulous Liane Rossler (formerly of Dinosaur Designs, see below…), for pointing me to it.

Click on this for a video about some of New York’s finest Foldies, including the Grande Dame of them all and one of my all-time style heroines, Iris Apfel.

I will be writing more about Iris in future, but meanwhile, if you aren’t familiar with her, check out this fabulous book.

And now I come to think of it, I can’t think of a better place to start amasssing your Foldie jewellery (and you really can’t start too young…) than at Dinosaur Designs, where you will find fabulous things like this…

Find them online at London readers, you can also find their stuff at Paul Smith.

  1. Ah! More Foldies who clearly don’t subscribe to the style adage of less being more…..Any why not?? Rules are, after all meant to be broken.
    More bangles, anyone?

  2. You have done it again! I love this foldie and love the term. I have always worn “statement” glasses and am happy to report that as I age age age they get bolder! I love hers. Love the color and style, too.
    Good inspiration on a cold New England day when snow is expected! Thanks for the mid-week update!

  3. When you did the post on Gitte Lee, I thought of Iris. I’m so glad you mentioned her. I think she’s wonderful.
    I’ve been buying Dinosaur Designs since i was 16, mostly home wares. but i have a silver cuff i wear everyday. i really need to get some of those resin bangles, they’ve been on my wish list for years.

  4. I have a fine collection of Dinosaur designs, and Roberto Cavalli, Etro, Angela Caputi, 1950s bakelite… I think I’ll be OK

  5. Thanks Maggie, love these women they inspire me.

  6. Maggie, thank you for the midweek post – I love it!

    It is so encouraging to see that:
    a) at 48 I have SO MUCH to look forward to and learn from the 65+ and
    b) I’m not alone in thinking that foldies are indeed fabulous!
    c) not everyone like the concept = it won’t become the norm = I’m in no danger in fading in the background so I’ll stand out wearing my glorious chunky pieces attracting comments and compliments!

    I’ve forwarded your post (and the previous one on foldies) to my girlfriends who get the concept and [almost] can’t wait to reach the appropriate age to become a foldie, so now you have followers in UAE, NZ, Bulgaria and, of course – Oz – we are all foldies in training!

  7. Love the term foldies. Am heading that way myself and I can only hope I have their courage.

  8. Thanks Maggie – I am so loving the foldies. Such an inspiration. XXX

  9. At the ripe old age of 34 I’m in Foldie territory with my layer upon layer of DD pieces! I guess there’s worse things you could be…

  10. Iris Apfel is also one of my all-time style heroines. As far as Australians I’d include Jean wright of Belle, Christiane Lehmann (Akira’s Muse) and Mary Shackman (although all three of them may be offended to be labelled as “Foldies”).

  11. I don’t think that you can suddenly launch yourself into that style when you are 50 but I suppose you can work your way towards it. I have also keep every Dinosaur Design piece I have bought since I was about 20 and also some great bangles from Flamingo Park in the Strand Arcade. Great Post. I am really enjoying your work Maggie.

  12. Love gorgeous older women as opposed to those scary men in last post
    DD 4 eva, the more the better (bangles)

  13. Hi Maggie – Have only just found your blog! I used to be an avid follower of your SMH column, and even wrote to you once, and you replied!!
    Anyway I am slowly trying to get through all your back blogs, and found the one where you said a dress could be suitable for drinks on P Diddy’s yacht.
    I did exactly that at Christmas – in St Barths – had drinks on his ( rented) yacht which was moored 2 up from ours ( not rented!).I met him and have a photo of us. I was wearing sass and bide -which I love. Am having a giggle….

    • OMG you HAVE to share that photo!!!!!!!!!! that is hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious. Was he nice? I have shared air but not been introduced.

      Interesting what you say about you’ve only just found my blog – I am finding it hard to get the word out there, so if you have any friends who you think would be interested please please please tell them.

      If you subscribe (button right at the bottom) it will arrive (free!) in your inbox every Saturday just like Good Weekend, plus added extras like this one and my new SMH/Age column every Tuesday after it comes out in the

  14. Bravo Maggie for pointing out a positive and fun attitude to look forward to…and now for the term… being a visual artist, does this make me alone in immediately seeing huge ‘folds’ of ‘old’ hanging skin when I read ‘Foldie’? Maybe it’s in the spelling. What about F-oldies? Or Fabgreys? Or…I just shut up.
    Love, toujours

    • Yes, Foldie has been controversial for those reasons, but that’s all part of why I like it! It means once read, not forgotten… xxx

      • WOW! that is what I call a top perve! Thank you SO much. I saw boats like that in Corsica last summer. Really unbelievable. I love that you got invited simply because your boat was 2 along – you have a boat you’re part of the gang, that’s so cool.

  15. I took an almost foldie shopping today (well getting there, she was 59). We are really working on modernising her, and since I suggested it a few weeks ago she’s been and had a really great haircut, so much so that as she was walking in to meet me I nearly didn’t recognise her – she looked so Parisian and chic. She’s feeling great, why would anyone want to look frumpy? It’s so easy to look fabulous without looking mutton dressed as lamb as you get older.

  16. Hi Maggie,
    This is so great: the foldies!! OMG, I am finding that all the girls who used to collect my jewellery twenty years ago are coming back and what they didn’t dare wear then, they want ten times more of now! Its fabulous, and is giving me the freedom I’ve craved for to make even bigger and bolder!

    I think we probably need to wear big bold jewels when we’re young (late teens) to explore all the boundaries of our female selves and then again as we mature into our female Power! Big bold jewels can so easily ‘wear’ you, unless you can delight in your own power unabashedly! Wonderful!! I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had making these things and have even started wearing bigger jewels myself! Thank you again for this article, now that I”ve found your blog I will be following..

  17. Hi, found another foldie. Constanza Pascolato from Brazilian Vogue. She has very “mature lady” hair combined with some very fashionable clothes.

  18. Every since the Titanic movie came out I have had a Foldie Plan, I want to dress like the elderly lady in the film: stylish caftans and big colourful ethnic jewellery!

    My gay friends think I shouldn’t wait (on the jewellery front anyway), but honestly I don’t think I could carry off the look for another 30 years or so…

    Can’t wait though!

  19. love the Costanza blog..( handsome elegance extraordinaire!
    So true what he says about keeping a tender eye on oneself, so that you don’t lose reality of what you look like, but at the same time dress according to how you feeeeel…love it!

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