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In Famous people on February 1, 2011 at 8:29 pm


Julianne Moore at the Golden Globes, wearing creases.

No time for a full mid-week archives special this week because I’mjust so busy… writing my new column.

Hurrah hurroo and if you live in NSW you can read it tomorrow – that being Thursday – in the Essential Style section of the Sydney Morning Herald. If you live in Victoria you can read it on Sunday in M magazine in the Age.

If you don’t live in either of those places, you will at a future date be able to read it on here. I’m just sussing out how long is polite to leave between print and internet. Fair’s fair.

So what’s it about? Well, please don’t expect it to be the same as my old column in Good Weekend – that’s what I’m doing each Saturday on here. This new one is called The Rules and it’s a much more specific thing. I’m so enjoying training my brain to be on the look out for new ideas for it.

Please let me know what you think of it on here.

Meanwhile, just to pique your interest – here are a few pictures of people who might appear in it in weeks to come…

Emmanuelle Alt wearing perfect Gallic chic.

The future Queen Catherine wearing scary camo.

Emma Stone wearing minimalist formal.

  1. You know, I saw the JM dress on the red carpet and didn’t even notice it had creases, now I can’t stop looking at them. This is probably why I spend my days looking more shab than chic (and why I write about my tragic breakup with John Cusack when I should be looking for that gorgeous white jacket).

    Congrats on the new column, great news.

    Kirsty (Shamozal)

  2. FANTASTIC NEWS! One of the Sunday paper magazines had a Rules column a few years back, I used to tear it out and keep it in case of one of the occasions/ fashion trends it mentioned eg Rules: Girls Lunch, Rules: Daytime Wedding, Rules: Lace etc etc. Very bloody handy I can tell you, and will be even more fabulous in your hands. I love the idea of using a recent celeb pic as inspiration for How Not To/ How To. Could also go in manner of Trinny and Susannah eg Rules: Big Boobs etc etc. Go Maggie!

  3. Excellent news about your new column. I’ve missed reading your Saturday column in the Herald and was very disappointed when I heard it was not being continued. As to the length of time between newspaper and internet, Mia Freeman writes for one of the Sunday papers (can’t remember which because I read both) and she puts that same column on her blog the same day. Just saying.

  4. Good on you Maggie, I knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d be snapped up again. (And frankly, thank heavens someone at Fairfax is paying attention…)

  5. Hooray! I can’t wait to hear that paper land with a thud on my lawn on Sunday morning. I love the blog, but there’s something very different and satisfying about reading it in the paper. What happy news. See you on Sunday!

  6. Great news, now I need to remember to get the paper on Thursdays.

  7. Congratulations on the new column, Maggie!

  8. Yeah! I’m in Brisbane but I get the SMH on my iPad – so looking forward to another Maggie column. btw I didn’t forget about the rosacea info. Husband (naturopath & formulator) gave me an email to send you so are you sure it wouldn’t be clogging up your blog to put it here? Can let me know at if it is.
    Oh, and I also saw your query about facebook recently – although Fb is beginning to annoy me because getting rather ad-intrusive I think it would be a very good way for you to get your blog out there.

  9. Congrats, Maggie. I’m excited to have something to look forward to in the weekend paper!

    I was doing a clean out this week and came across one of your columns from 2008 outlining the rules on how to dress for an ample bossom (avoid the crisp white shirt; long strands of beads are your friend; wear a good bra; go for cardigans, henley necks and greek necklines). It will be great to get more of your timeless and contemporary fashion insights.

  10. Julianne Moore also seems to have got her dressed tangled in her necklace…
    If I were her I would have an assistant carrying a handy steamer follow me at all times, there would be no creasing.

  11. Yay, great news about the column as weekends have not been the same in Melbourne without you.

  12. Soooooo excited about your new column….can’t wait…..can’t wait to see what you have to say about
    Julianne Moore….i mean she looks okay….but compared to that fabulous green dress a few
    years ago at the osars….there is no comparison.

  13. Oh how fabulous!!!! A new column – I’ve missed you xx

  14. Creases – oh yes, I saw them, and is that kebab sauce there too?

  15. Fabulous to see you back in print on the weekend Maggie. Loved the column content and immensly pleased to see that it is just not me (and my mother!) that think that wearing black or white to a wedding is rude. Looking forward to Sundays…..

  16. Very exciting Sunday when I saw you were returning to the Age. I missed your witty and insightful observations and comments on the weekends. Loved your first ‘Rules’ column – can’t wait to see more.

  17. Maggie, Saturday’s The Rules was so outdated! Weddings are different in C21. No longer is the bride a virgin, she probably lives with the person she is marrying, the wedding service stops for photos to be taken at the altar and the video person runs around the church spoiling our view of the nuptials. So who cares if you wear black or white to a wedding? I am no royalist but kate Middleton looked lovely in her black wedding ensemble.
    Just for the record, I am wearing black and white for my son’s traditional British daytime wedding in September. It will look great with my husband’s morning suit and, by the way, why would Aussie readers give a hoot about what’s worn in the UK?

    • Hi Susanna, thanks so much for this, great to have proper feedback. And disagreeing is good! I totally see where you are coming from but I don’t agree.

      I abhor weddings stopping for photos and videos., I think it’s horrendous. What are you doing it for? The experience, or the photos of the experience?

      Black and white is great – you’ll look fab – but I still believe that wearing an all-black outfit of any kind to any kind or wedding in any country is a big downer. It’s lazy and, as I said in the piece, some people believe it’s bad luck for the couple. So we’ll beg to differ!

      Hope you find this week’s more to your taste – let me know. And once again, thanks so much for letting me know your views on this one. xxx

  18. The photos are for the bride of course; princess for a day (but lucky Kate for a lot longer). As she does the housework in tracky daks and moccasins she has the glorious picture looking down on her to remind her, of what? I’m not sure.
    How about some guidelines for wedding dresses? The older bride, the pregnant bride or the many time married bride? The white meringue is not always the most appropriate for those not young and sylphlike. When I saw a bride in full rig with sunglasses my jaw dropped!
    Keep it up Maggie!

  19. Why worry about the delay between print and web ~ the picture and comments in your first “new” column, about Kate Middleton, were old news! Why someone who lives in England should be writing a fashion column for Australian papers I have no idea and you obviously have no idea of what is happening here. I have been to several weddings in the last few years where the bridesmaids wore black, the last having been Friday Feb 4th 2011, at 3pm.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for taking the trouble to write – even if you don’t like what I wrote! That’s what it’s all about, throwing an opinion out there and discussing it. I know people do wear black to weddings, I’ve seen it, but I will never think it’s ‘right’ to wear the colour of mourning on such a joyous day – especially as a lot of people think it’s bad luck. So we’ll agree to differ on that.

      As for me living in the UK at the moment, I’m sorry that bothers you, but thanks to the internet we all live in a global village now. Many Australian bloggers are very popular right around the world.

      Maggie x

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