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Dear Lovely Subscribers
I really screwed up today and POSTED my blog that I had written in advance for Saturday, when I only meant to PREVIEW it to see if the pics were in the right place. Goddam words starting with the same letter…

This is what happens when you’re diligent and trying to get ahead with your work. Poop.

Anyway, so I’m terribly sorry, I did try and stop it, but it seems that Saturday’s column will land with you on Friday morning. I have re-set it to go out at the usual time, which probably means you will get the same one again. Oh lordie.

What a cock up, but I’m still on a big learning curve here and it’s great fun doing it with such a lovely bunch of people as you lot.

Magggie xxx

By way of compensation, here are some pics from my Christmas Cocktail Party to amuse you.

Sven – the front bloke in the Speccie Boys pic here – mixes a mean Dirty Martini and we had a few. Then we had a few more just to make sure they were as nice as we thought they were and then, good heavens, is that the time? Hic.

The chap with me here, with the shoes – which he arrived in – is my lovely friend @squaddietony. His husband is third back in the Speccie Boys pic, @dbrown_esq. Both worth a follow on the old Twitterati.

Do you love my vintage coat? It’s a recent arrival and je l’adore. £18. Why would you shop at Primark? And it seems to be a happy coat. Three wears and so far I have always had a good time in it.

Here’s a better one of Tony’s shoes. I changed mine, for better contrast. Being in fashion and all that. And he seems to be holding a bottle of champagne now. Well, yes, it was that kind of a party…

These pics – in my kitchen – where the best party action always is, were taken by Sven’s lovely partner Pam. Shame there isn’t one of her. She’s gorgeous.

  1. I love your blog. I am new to reading blogs as most I cannot read – legally blind, you know. I can’t even see this pea font as I type now. I have listened to all of your books and love the reader.
    You are right about american fasion. I is almost non-existent.
    There is a story today on that will make you gag. I vomited. I need some champagne. It says the “new trend” is “onesies” for adults – natch, in synthetic fabrics. What could be more disgusting.
    I note here that the older some men get, the more they tend to dress as little boys. I wish no one had ever invented the baseball cap.
    Thank you for your blog.
    Toby in Portsmouth New Hampshire. USA (sadly – I would rather be in Rome)

    • Yay Toby, I love that you are looking at my blog. Or listening to it, that’s brilliant. My boyfriend at Uni was legally blind, so I know a little of where you are coming from. We always had a laugh in restaurants when I had to read out the entire menu to him…. Sound familiar? I am going to look at Salon. Are these Onesies with FEET in them? For relaxing….? Gag. Pass the Dom Perignon. Stay in touch. Maggie xxx

  2. Maggie you and your happy coat are very forgiven.

    If I’m very honest, it’s nice to see someone else cock things up occasionally. That doesn’t say much for me does it! x

  3. Has my post been accepted? I can’t see the type here!

  4. These things happen in tech land. It was like receiving an exclusive preview. x

  5. Hi Maggie – I also recently posted my blog when I meant to preview. Like you, I was being diligent and preparing a posting before the hols. Aaaargh! I reckon WordPress should have a ‘Are you sure you want to post now?’ reminder for us busy bloggers. Love the pics (esp the shoes and your coat) – thanks for those x

  6. You’re forgiven – it was a nice surprise in my blog reader this morning. I may just have to re-read tomorrow in the more traditional manner (yes, I print your column out and place it in the Good Weekend where it’s supposed to be – right after the fashion spread and before the cooking). I love the photos of your party. You’re obviously all having a fabulous time, and of course it’s all happening in the kitchen.

  7. Oh but I thought it was Saturday already! I loved it, whatever day it is. Summer holidays here (Sydney) so hard to keep track of days anyway. Speaking of style vs comfort, what to do to achieve both WHILST BREASTFEEDING? I am having terrible trouble choosing what to wear each day (the ones where I actually get dressed, that is). Specially designed nursing wear: Ugh. All designed to be worn in hospital or whilst pregnant. Maternity wear when not pregnant is a truly terrible thing as all is designed to “proudly show off one’s belly” which is not something I wish to do 3 months after giving birth. And hospital wear? Puh-lease, aren’t we s’posed to breast feed for a year? Floaty tops to avoid showing off unattractive jelly belly no good for 2 reasons, One, I look like a toffee apple in them (big top, stick legs) and Two, too much fabric to gather up when feeding, flops down onto baby’s head, not good. Non-floaty tops also no good, cling to all the wrong bits, see maternity wear above. Dresses – totally out, no desire to show world my knickers. Button up tops: unbuttoning takes too long and requires two hands, oops dropped the baby. Can’t be too expensive, may end up covered in baby emissions of various sorts PLUS I don’t plan on being this big up top forever. Black is out for regurgitation reasons – baby doesn’t actually do this often, only when I’ve forgotten to throw a cloth nappy over my shoulder. AAARGH! This is number two baby, I don’t remember having this much trouble last time. Sorry for the long comment, but I had to vent to someone who would understand x

    • Oh yes, I appreciate your dilema – three bubs in total and I always HATED the limited fashion options of clothes that need boob access.

      I found a firm singlet top underneath a slightly floaty top was a great start – holds in the belly and covers the rolls when you pull up your top to get to the milk supply. There are some with maternity bra straps which make it very easy, otherwise you can always stretch it down over your sholders.

      Yes you may well do this for a year so go out and buy some nice new tops and bottoms. It’s depressing to go for those sizes but worse still to look shabby and flabby! I also bought some really spunky maternity bras and knickers which cost a fortune but it was so worth it.

      Good luck.

  8. I love this blog! I have not had children, but know many who have. It is fun to read of your comments. After reading the Sydney books, I went online to check out Sydney. Made it all seem so much more real. I love the gay world and miss it. I lived iin Manhattan for 15 years …
    It is so much fun. If only I could see what I am writing on this pea fojt my life would be complete. I write a column for the local newspaper. This is inspiring me.
    I love the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loong live shoes.
    Cool, too, how youmade your daughter’s uniform more acceptable. We must be flexible, yes?

  9. Love the blog, don’t mind getting it twice; but seeing someone wearing a coat inside their own house reminds me why I left England for Australia!

  10. No worries, Maggie. How can it be bad to start the weekend early? Roll on Saturday!

  11. awww Maggie, there is absolutely nothing to forgive. Thank you for sharing your wonderful cocktail party and friends. You look so lovely and fun.

    Thank you for the wonderful posts. It makes my day when one pops up in my e-mail.

    Bella xo

  12. Stuff-ups are very welcome when they are compensated by the above…

  13. Maggie, you look like a saucy minx in the leopard print. And so does your lovely looking friend, it must be said – very considerate of him to match his shoes to your frock. Spot on!

  14. Cock up? What cock up? And who cares anyway because … wow, look at those shoes….those shoes rock!! (and yours are pretty good too, may I just add) Would love to have been at that party!!

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