Come vintage shopping with me

In Shopping, Vintage on December 14, 2010 at 10:09 am

Wanna come shopping with me? Vintage gear…

This mid-week special is a film I made with the marvellous Penguins when I as in Australia last month promoting my new novel.

Shall We Dance? is set in a vintage boutique owned by the heroine Loulou Landers, so they thought it would be a lark if we went vintage clothes shopping at the Sydney Antiques Centre, as part of a little clip for Penguin TV on their website.

I thought I must have done something good in a past life if going vintage shopping counted as part of my working day. Bring. It. On.

We had such a laugh and, of course, we all bought stuff. It really is a treasure trove in there, a lot of it very good quality – particularly the hats.

I wondered whether the late 1940s, early 1950s gear had arrived in Australia with the European immigrants of that era, because you would want a whole new wardrobe if you were moving to the other side of the world, wouldn’t you?

My great find was a pair of real crocodile 1950s pumps which make me feel so Madmen and are strangely comfortable to wear.

Later in the week I wore them to the crocodile show at Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo up in Queensland. Was that wrong of me?

  1. Would love to go shopping with you one day Maggie!!

  2. What fun, hearing your voice for the first time. Am loving the new way of hearing from you Maggie, so much better and timely than once a week in The Age (Melbourne). Merry Christmas from Shepparton Australia.

  3. Oooooooooooooh! MadMen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am OBSESSED with the show at the moment and I love everything about it! I’m glad you’ve mentionned it Maggie.

    As Cindy says, it is great to hear your voice and to see you in action. And of course vintage shopping IS part of your work! I buy and read fashion magazines as part of my work-related market research! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  4. I used to live in one of the little Surrey Hills lane-ways behind the Sydney Antique Centre, and would spend many an afternoon strolling through that fabulous place. Now you’ve got me hankering to return for a good stroll across those wooden floors.

    BTW, I devoured Shall We Dance? in one day – had to make a quick one day return trip from Brisbane to Sydney and had lots of time to kill. I picked you up (so to speak) in the airport book store and I adored the book. In fact, I adored it so much, I turned around and immediately started reading it again. Now, if only I could have Loulou take me into her shop and spend the day dressing me… *sigh*… that would be devine.

  5. Wearing crocodile skin shoes to see real crocodiles is so wrong, so why am I laughing??

  6. Maybe you should read Terry Irwins autobiography to see if that was wrong of you…. I love all your books, but think that was incredibley inappropriate, especially to put on a blog.
    P.S they stab them in they eye and into their brains with a screwdriver to make crocodile skin garments as to not ‘mark the skin’!!!!!

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